Weimar University and Vice President of Academic Affairs Sued for Harassment

I checked the Signature Supplements and took note of the various promoted supplements particularly Mood Balance which is a combination of SAMe and Saffron.

A trial of SAMe as published in the April 2014 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry failed to showed an advantage of SAMe over placebo. I use Saffron when cooking paella.
I feel better after having a serving of paella!

In my 30+ years of psychiatric practice, I have never promoted any supplement.


Promoting a supplement is one thing, and if there is clinical evidence in favor of a particular supplement, I think it is ethical for a doctor to recommend it to patients. However, when a doctor starts actually selling supplements himself, that crosses an ethical line. It sets up a conflict of interest, since recommending it to to a patient then enriches the doctor, which incentivises the doctor to prescribe it as often as possible.


If this sad incident is true then Weimar and Dr. Araya deserve to be sued.

It is simply astonishing that such poor judgement continues to be shown towards allegations of abuse. Or…is it simply just another example of Adventist Patriarchy at play…or “Dr. Araya is our friend”…or it will be “too hard to find a replacement”?? Naturally, it could be all of these “reasons”.

It has been decades since I was a student staff member at Weimar. At the time of it’s inception in the 1970’s it was NOT known for its Hyper Conservatism. It was considered by some as the “Half-Way House of Self Supporters”.

Those who help start Weimar were not the likes of Ratsara, Batchelor, etc., but Weimar had to “evolve” to survive and so it became “Hyper Conservative” after the fading away of the “Self-supporting movement of the 1970s”.

It helps to know the history of a place and that history can lead to some revelations…in this case, it appears to me that Adventist Patriarchy still rears its ugly head and is alive and well.


Having been a student/staff member in the 1980’s myself I can relate to the view of Weimar being a halfway self-supporting institution. It was. But its link up with Batchelor (many years after I left) took the institution toward the more conservative status it now has, and I don’t doubt the Patriarchal slant in place there. The way Dr. Araya was handled shows a dismissive attitude toward the victim, which, unfortunately, is par for the course in a more patriarchal setting.


Mr. Araya admitted guilt, noted as “overstepping his boundaries.” That is bad enough, but the egregious aspect of this is the president’s decision to keep the Dr. employed at the school showing a disregard for Ms. Osadchuck’s safety and wellbeing.


I’d never heard of Weimar, so I went to Wikipedia.

When I got to the part where it said they were affiliated with Amazing Facts, I’d heard enough.

Any institution of higher learning that allies itself with a TV infomercial in which absolutely no falsifiable facts are presented is only fooling itself and is duping its patrons of their long-term student loan money ala Trump University.



Good to hear that your experience confirms mine. I find that it is only having being part of the history of a place that gives one the perspective needed.

Weimar “devolved” into “Hyper Conservatism” and that never improves the lot of females.


I was there in its formative years (became a student at the beginning of its fifth academic year) and watched a lot of change go on as a student and then for a short time as staff. In the beginning the institution strove to be faithful, but not left or right, for which even back then the institution was criticized for “not standing for anything” (words I heard an alum say over a breakfast I attended). I don’t know what year it linked up with Amazing Facts, but its association had to do with AF’s school of evangelism. I had heard that connection has been dissolved. Part of the association I understand had to do with funding that AF was able to provide at the time. Indeed, the association took the school furhter to the right.


So true on the point of Hyper Conservatism. Sadly, it seems the institution did take that route over the years. When there I remember struggling to maintain a center of the road approach.


Weimar initially held such promise as a rare place of openness and tolerance in an otherwise corseted Adventist Universe. Perhaps it was the particular cultural effects of the 70s…but it started out so differently than what it has become. Sadly.

I do believe that the change was precipitated by its need for funding and that set it on the Hyper-Conservatism pathway.


I’m not sure what this means:

“Amazing Facts and Weimar Institute continue to work cooperatively.”

But this is from Wikipedia this morning…

BTW, I was an “East Coast SDA” whose dad worked for the local conference and I knew from an early age that faculty enjoyed much better protection than did the students, and that the RCC could have learned a thing of two from EGW’s denomination when it came to retaining ministers, faculty and administrators by moving them around like chess pieces in The Great Adventist Movement!


It was at one time a rare SDA oasis…not perfect, but had such potential. Adventism has too often had the effect of “dumbing down” creativity in any sphere. Weimar is just one more example of this.


It did hold promise. A wide array of thinkers and influencers in Adventism joined together to put a vision for balanced and faithful Adventist education. My first year both Dick Winn and Colin Standish were there and in my new SDA status and a young man at the time I was very blessed by both contributions the men made. Behind the scenes, unknown to me at the time, was ideological and theological wrangling that after my first year culminated in Standish and about a third of the staff left to found Hartland. The school floundered for one year until Elder Douglass took the helm who himself was conservative, but not extreme, and had the knack of being extremely professional and collegiate to all people with various views. He very much impressed me and was a huge influence on my life. The school always struggled financially, but after Douglass it seemed to keep living on the edges and AF rescued them so to speak.


Good synopsis of the early history and of some of the early leaders there.

Funding is always an issue at any school program. “Regular” SDA learning institutions have (and still do have) the same struggles.

I think that EGW would be appalled to see what extent Federal and state monies are needed to keep them financially floating. I also think it may eventually be their undoing (another topic).


Yes, AF had a school of evangelism of sorts as part of the curriculum which this cooperative arrangement found AF supplying needed funding a the time. It went on a few years or more, but, again, I am not sure what the exact arrangement may or may not be now.

Sadly, we have as an organization failed often in this area of handling abusers for which when I was a pastor had times in which I had to get people fired and prevent them from being hired due to character flaws that put females in danger. As predicted, I was demonized for having done so. Thus, I am sensitive to issues like this, along with child abuse by employees or members.

Weimar had a lot of promise, and like any new institution it had its share of missteps and mishaps along the way. But I know God led me there when I attended and it left its mark on my life, and I think in sum for the better, but I also know it wasn’t the same for all students during mine time there and sometime after.


I have not followed the school’s history as closely as perhaps I should have. In fact, it was like out of the blue to me when they reached the status of university about a year ago or so.

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Very much a surprise- but what I think is that they needed the “credibility” that conferring a Masters would bring. I also don’t know how they pulled it off.

For a long time they were still being regarded more as a “Bible College” and not as intellectually rigorous. Having an “alliance” with Amazing Facts, etc., also gives them a new audience to market to and to pull new students from.


Well put. Thank you, Kim. It has been a pleasure to chat with one who was there and especially in those early years. I don’t run into many of us these days.


@elmer_cupino , @GeorgeTichy , just an illustration , taking one of those in charge of the case :slight_smile:
Neil Nedley, the one certified for Internal Medicine, now is our competent one for - yes, what all ?

What, in a head position of an “University” ? And dealing with an accused sexual assault - and in the GC Nominating Committee ? And in the GC Complinace Review Committe - Regarding Homosexuality ?

He was invited to present his work some years ago at our biennial congregartion of SDA physicians, health and therapy professionals, social workers – in Bischofgruen near Bayreuth, BRD. (Thursday, Wedneday, Friday, Sunday). His trashy presentation of his very theories, concepts, diagnoses and treatments was simply unbearable.

Except the one of top European specialists and authors on depression, Univ. Prof. Dr. Thoms Haenel , associate of Kielholz, Basel (The absolute top institution in Europe ,dealing in research and publication and therapies of depression in Europe), and me sorry to say none of the other SDA psychiatrists in leading positions was present. Haenel left on Thursday. I on Friday did not stay it any longer - and went out into the sunshine at the hotels pool ( the first and only time in all my career). - I by then knew enough to sharply confront him with his fancy ideas and dreams (the pyama party completing a shorttime therapy ! - His ridiculous “watertherapies” for those in a country of Priessnitz, Winternitz, Kneipp - - ) in the plenary discussion on Sunday morning. - - After his incredibly shallow sermon on Sabbath - he hurried left to the next airport, urgently needed somewhere else for his “mission”.

Oh, when I compare his Sabbath performance with those the years before - Rupp, Domanyi, Klaus Schmitz, Oestreich - -

And the professional aspect ? Well, Internal Medicine. And having read a lot. For Psychiatry I miss the internship, and all other tasks besides this training.Then the sensitivity training group, the self awareness group, - behold a Gestalt group - the therapy control group - - and follow ups of his therapies.

Now in an University top postion, do I have to address him as “Your Magnificence”?


You might want to dig a bit deeper. He started his own “independent church”. He uses the name Adventist, but doesn’t want the church to have any input into his ministry… that is just for starters. He is very opposed to WO and very anti LGBTQ, that is only for starters. He wants an exclusive church that only has saints within its membership. So, if you agree with all of that, then go ahead and be supportive, but that is why Weimar is having issues. I will say it again…the church is supposed to be a hospital for all of us sick sinners, not some respite for those who have attained sainthood. Sounds a little like Jesus, doesn’t it?