Welcome to the Spectrum Podcast: Jason Hines on Prince (Sex + Religion)

Welcome to Spectrum’s new weekly podcast created and hosted by Alexander Carpenter. The main interview is with Jason Hines, Ph.D., on the Adventist connections in Prince’s music he researched while helping MSNBC host Touré with his book: I Would Die 4 You. ​

It also features shorts chats with Jared Wright on the website, Stephanie Ward on the proposed changes to the Seventh-day Adventist corporate logo, and Bonnie Dwyer on the current journal.

Featuring outro music by Kerry Chambers. Album: Somnium, Track: Metamorphei

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i enjoyed hearing peoples’ voices…it gives a feeling for their personalities…

i especially liked the discussion about adventist religiosity in prince’s music…fascinating…

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Great new Spectrum feature. Should boost readership/ listenership exponentially. YESS!!! young Adventists discus current church/ world issues . Congrats Spectrum.

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