Weniger Society to Honor Four on February 16

The annual Charles Elliott Weniger Society for Excellence Awards Ceremony will take place this Sabbath, February 16, at 4 p.m., at the Loma Linda University Church. Rebekah Wang Cheng, T. Grace Emori-Elder, Harvey Elder, and Charles Scriven will be feted.

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Congratulations. I love and am inspired by all four of these people.

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I do not know the Elders, but I am wowed by their accomplishments.

I did not know the Scrivens, until an entirely chance encounter with Chuck, just prior to his marriage to Becky.

I found him to be so engaging, I said, Why don’t you honeymoon in France?

And so they did, at my home overlooking the azure blue Mediterranean, between Nice and Monaco. It also so happened that Chuck’s splendid son Jonathan has been a long time resident of Cannes, one hour from my French home.

Chuck and Becky are a stellar, sterling, all star couple who major in superlatives.

They radiate niceness, kindness, pleasantness and are a joy to know!


Excellent choices Blessins to all

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