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…except the “wrongs of the previous presidents” were no big deal; while those of the present president are considered abominable - two different standards. The present president hasn’t invited Whitehouse staff into the OvalOffice to entertain him. At the time, the president’s wife encouraged everyone to just “take a deep breath” and move on - “nothing to see here” - one standard for the Clintons; another for the rest of humanity.


Tell me, Who is excusing the misconduct or bad decisions from prior Presidents? Who? I didn’t see anyone doing this here, so why are you persistently creating this straw man?

Yes, past Presidents failed in many ways, but was there ANY ONE whose behavior/actions can be compared to Donald’s? Really???

Actually, yesterday was the saddest day for my in al 29 years I live here. I could never expect that one day America would be sold so cheap to its biggest foe. My family escaped from the Russians when they fled the Communist Czechoslovakia. I ended up here many years later, only to now contemplate the Russians catching up with me again… in America!!!

Any American who is not ashamed of DT’s behavior as related to his komrade Putin is, like him, committing treason to say the least! And since we do not have a decent Congress, the Russians will continue to manipulate DT and our politics, and will continue working toward our destruction. Just wait!


You and I have the same background, George, when it comes to running from the Russians. My country was “sold out” by Roosevelt at Yalta (a democrat). I have no love for Marx and his legacy. The sad thing is that Marxism is winning in this country, not because Trump met with Putin, or colluded with any Russians. Putin doesn’t have to lift a finger to mess with US politics - we do it to ourselves. Who do you think is backing all the demonstrations - who is stirring up the races, calling for “pigs in a blanket…” - who is behind all the chaos on our campuses where free speech is being abolished. Who is calling for wiping away the Constitutional rights of Americans… The marxist drum has been beating for a long time, and has settled in our institutions of higher learning, where students are forbidden to learn American history because it’s been “too brutal.” Wait until the snow flakes get a taste of Marxist brutality - and it will be brutal if that movement isn’t stopped.

Trump is all about making MONEY - for himself and for the country. If anybody is objecting to his mercenary goals then I assume you have no interest in your retirement portfolio; or your IRA. He is not a politician and doesn’t always know how to speak like one - saying one thing, while meaning something else - like “you can keep your doctor…”.

Yes, Trump messed up at the podium. Do you think his dumb enough to “tip his hand” by declaring undying admiration to Putin, if he was trying to surreptitiously, do his bidding. Just last week the media was all over him for being too tough on poor Merkel by dressing her down for sending billions of marks to Russia via the gas lines; and this week they’re all over him for being a Russian agent. Give me a break. You’re being played by the very people you’re accusing Trump to be colluding with.

Please name one change trump has made that would benefit Russia.


OK Sirje, we have divergent opinions on Trump. Let’s leave it at this.

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Most of this info will be news never seen by most here because the “Hate Trump 24/7 News” sources never reported it:

What was your reaction to these items which point to much more evidence of collusion by the Obama administration?

-In 2009 when Obama’s preference for appeasing Russia over strengthening NATO was revealed for all to see in his unilateral cancellation of a hard-won pact (negotiated by the Bush administration over a number of years) to deploy a new generation of NATO defensive missile systems in the Czech Republic and Poland. The decision was announced (perhaps not coincidentally) on September 17, 2009 – the exact 70th anniversary date of the Russian invasion of Poland. In the first year of Trump’s presidency, on the other hand, Trump agreed to put up the missile defense to counter Russia.
-Obama, at the end of his first term to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev when he thought he was off-mic: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev said he would relay the message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.That comment was part of a larger conversation about nuclear weapons and, incredibly, Obama was referring to dismantling part of the U.S. nuclear arsenal in order to appease Russia.
-When the Russians annexed the Crimean peninsula and undertook subversive military action in eastern Ukraine, Obama found reasons not to arm anti-Russian factions in either area (Trump has sold arms to Ukraine). When it came to Syria, there was the infamous “Red Line” that Obama refused to enforce. Instead, Obama proposed to partner with Putin in bombing the Syrian resistance.
-After Russia’s annexation of Crimea and aggression in Ukraine, the Moscow-Washington relationship is devolved toward Cold War levels, a point several experts made in evaluating a deal so beneficial to Mr. Putin, a man known to use energy resources to project power around the world.
-During the 2012 presidential election, the entire Democratic Party apparatus mocked Republican nominee Mitt Romney as a “cold war relic” for saying that the Russians still posed a threat to the USA. He called Russia, “Our No. 1 geopolitical foe. They fight for every cause for the world’s worst actors.” Barack Obama responded to Romney with, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.” Who would the Russians want to contend with for the next four years? A patsy or someone who recognized the “evil empire” for what it was?
-In the first year of his second term, Obama had no response when Russia violated the terms of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with the United States by building a new medium-range system, known as the Yars M Missile, which was banned under the treaty. More noteworthy during this time was Obama’s secret nuclear deal with Iran – Russia’s most important ally in the Middle East – which paved the way for Iran to develop nuclear weapons, not to mention Obama’s concession to sweeten that deal by turning over approximately $150 billion to Iran, even while acknowledging the potential for these resources to fund terrorist operations all over the Middle East.
-Then there was the controversial $400 million payment that Obama released and sent to Iran in January 2016, just as four American hostages were released, followed by several more planeloads of Euros, Swiss Francs, and other currencies totaling another $1.3 billion delivered to Tehran over the next month.
-The Obama administration tried to hack the Israeli parliamentary elections, perhaps for the same reason the Russians might want to influence the US election: to elect their preferred candidate. Obama wanted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to lose reelection, so he spent US taxpayer money trying to oust him. Perhaps the Russians were simply trying to emulate President Obama.
-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s favorable relationship with Russia was seen in the actions of both the Clinton Foundation and in her official capacity as Secretary of State. She, along with other Obama officials, signed off on an agreement that allowed Russia to purchase 20% of America’s uranium supply – a deal that was likely greased by a $2.35 million donation to the Clinton foundation made by banks and individuals connected to the Russian government, and by a $500,000 fee to Bill Clinton for a Moscow speech paid by people with ties to Russian intelligence.
-Clinton’s campaign chairman, longtime Democrat operative John Podesta, essentially became a business partner with the Russian government when he joined the board of an energy company called Joule Unlimited, whose largest investor was a Russian government investment fund called Rusnano, an entity created in 2007 with connections to Putin. It has been alleged that Posdesta was working with this Russian-controlled fund at the same time he was advising Secretary of State Clinton.
-Tony Podesta, founder of the now-shuttered Podesta Group and brother to former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, has been offered immunity by special counsel Robert Mueller to testify against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, according to a report. For a near identical crime, Bill and Hillary’s friend could escape and emerge completely unscathed while Paul Manafort may rot in jail. Only one of them made the mistake of chairing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign
-In 2016, John Podesta’s brother, Tony, was paid $170,000 by the Russian Government to represent Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, for the purpose of lobbying the Obama administration to end the sanctions imposed on Russia after its seizure of Crimea. Had Hillary won the presidential election, the Podestas would likely have played key roles in her administration.
-For a political party accusing the president of the United States of treason, the Democrats are being very reluctant to have authorities prove it.The email server that the Democratic National Committee say was hacked by the Russians is so far being kept out of reach of federal investigators looking into the issue.
-At the 2018 NATO summit Trump reminded the member nations that while the group was created to protect them from Russian aggression they were making pipeline deals with Russia.
-The White House has rejected a Vladimir Putin-backed effort to hold a referendum in eastern Ukraine on the region’s future, distancing itself from the idea in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s controversial summit with the Russian leader.
-As of this writing the Mueller investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump administration, now 14 months old, has found no evidence of any between them.

Maybe, just maybe they have been looking in the wrong place?

For all the evidence of actions taken place it is more likely that the Russians helped put Obama into office than they did Trump.


I may be wrong, but I bet,

  1. You didn’t vote for Obama,
  2. You probably voted for Trump,
  3. You will probably vote for him again.

Go for it!


I think it’s the great and wonderful job he’s doing on the world stage supporting our allies and giving enemy states a taste of our might, increasing our standing in the world, completing huge deals, and saving American jobs by increasing our exports.

I meant not.


CNN’s senior economic analyst Stephen Moore 7/20/2018:

"When it comes to the economy, you’ve got 4.5 percent growth, you’ve got the lowest unemployment rate in virtually 30, 40 years, you’ve got low inflation,” Moore explained.
“Whatever Trump is doing on the economy, it sure is working because we’ve got these tremendous conditions right now,” he added, explaining that people who criticize Trump’s work on the economy have no facts to stand on.
“It’s hard to argue [Trump] hasn’t been a really good custodian of our economy,” Moore declared.

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You and @elmer_cupino could make a bundle just treating “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Would have to be in referrals however considering your own affliction.

On balance, most of these are trailing indicators, many years trailing in some cases.

I read a very serious article from a place like the NY Times (can’t remember) cautioning investors that the current administration’s actions and policies will have a short term positive impact on the markets, but to watch for a downturn at about year two, as the obvious economic issues with their policies catch up to the economy and the markets.

This was before Trump’s idiotic tariff wars started.

From the Wall Street Journal:

I recall all those claimed against Bush when they were negative, opposite when positive during Obamas terms, all 8 years!

  1. Of course not as I was aware of his connections to communist-terrorists like Bill Ayers to the communist agitator-journalist Frank Marshall Davis to fellow travelers like Saul Alinsky. Were you?
  2. I did for two reasons. My main choice wasn’t nominated and Hillary.
  3. Maybe. I’m not a fan of marxist/socialist governing so the dems are out.

Just wait, both @elmer_cupino and I will have to resume our full time jobs soon. We can already clearly see who the patients will be:

  1. Those who will lose lots of money soon, after the successful Trump’s economy starts to really take a toll on the real economy. 4.5%? Just wait to see what happens when there is s sudden growth like this, to such high levels. This is set for disaster.
  2. Those parents of kids who will die in a war most probably with Iran. Trump is a maniac that will not be content without triggering a war with a major nation to placate his thirst for power and demonstration of his personal power so that the world knows who he is. (Which we basically already know…). Those people who support Trump should get their boys and girls ready for dying for the “Trump’s cause” as the Germans supporting Hitler did. Just get ready to sacrifice your children for the Trump’s honorable cause.
  3. Those Spectrumites that keep comparing Trump to Obama, Hillary, etc. When reality will finally hit, eyes will be open, hearts will be broken, and therapists will be busy. Even “big pharma” will benefit from the crisis…
  4. Our (former) allies won’t send us patients because they won’t participate in that craziness. They are mentally stable and will not succumb to Trump’s insanity. Neither will be Russia, that is just manipulating Trump as a puppet.

There may be more American patients with other sorts of problems knocking on our clinics’ doors, but we won’t be able to see everyone, they will have to look for other MH professionals. Our available time imposes some limitations…

Exactly. All those"magic successes" have always had horrible long term consequences. I can believe people still fall for them. Brazil had a high rate of inflation some 25 years ago. Then a President changed the currency and signed a decree that there was no longer inflation in the country. Sure many people were happy… only until years later when the tremendously inflated balloon exploded at once!!! The idiots cried for a long time…

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Did the experts forecasting a downturn in a couple years forecast this upturn? So which is it, Trump or Obama’s administration’s that is credited for the economy now and how long do the “trailing indicators” last? Until it goes down as bad as it was under Obama I presume? That’s convenient.

Sure, everything went bad under Obama. No doubt about it. :roll_eyes:

I am sure that Trump has been the dream President for many. It must be great to watch him performing as the President of the Great United States. Especially from the posts where are our enemies, aka our allies.

Viva Russia!