What factor is most important for students of Adventist colleges and universities to gain from their education? | Spectrum Magazine

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Is this just a question? Where is the catalyst?

The most important things are that they learn to think and they receive a top-tier education. Unfortunately for most students neither will happen to the extent it should at most SDA colleges.


To be able to use said education in a way that will cause others to praise God, and wonder what is different about this professional. IOW, that others will see a difference between those students and the students who don’t attend an Adventist College or University.

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[quote=“SandyP, post:4, topic:9365”]
IOW, that others will see a difference between those students and the students who don’t attend an Adventist College or University.
[/quote]There are so many beautiful Christians everywhere. Being a Christian has nothing to do with attending an SDA school, or not.


To learn how to ignore facts and to not think for themselves, just like the wise men at the GC.

If you wanted to them learn “take note of facts and think for themselves”, you would have them go to an institution where the staff are allowed to teach facts and to teach thinking for oneself.


I am not sure the point of reference some are coming from when they dinagrate SDA colleges and universities. Maybe there is a general mistrust of anything attached to SDA’s given what recently took place in SA. And before going forward I will confess to being a professor at one of these terrible places for almost thirty years now.

But let me say that we have many very capable professors who embrace critical and analytical thinking and learning. Our students are attending graduate programs in almost every profession. These students are being accepted at a rate that is astonishing. And many of these students are successful professionals who say very good things about how prepared they were for the real world.

I sure don’t think these graduate programs are accepting our students out of pity. Stanford, Baylor, Harvard, MIT and I could name many more who have accepted our BA and BS students for years. So I would encourage those who post here to be fair about evaluating SDA Higher Education. And be proud of the young people and the product we get to see every year.


Universities are graded by their alumni as much as their faculty and offerings. If the S.A. represents the combined thinking and judgment of world SdA colleges, it was a very poor showing.

the ability to earn a viable living can be gained at a non-adventist university for less, and a personal, durable connection with god, and in turn, the church can be learned at home for free…but putting it all together is why we have adventist universities…in looking back, i can still think of adventist teachers who inspired me in a different way than teachers i’ve subsequently studied under in non-adventist universities…real life is about much more than earning a living, acquiring assets, and becoming accustomed to a certain economic lifestyle…it’s also about putting together matters of the heart and conscience effectively…i will always be grateful for the adventist teachers i had who demonstrated in their lives the finest of what adventism has to offer…theirs was a different lesson from the one i learned in the world, and a complimentary lesson to what i learned at home…