What if Abraham Had Said to God: “No! I Will Not Kill My Son”?

(Cfowler) #23

Are you saying that angels live on other planets?

(Christopher) #24

That’s not my position. Let me put it right: No intelligent life on other planets, but only sinless beings the angels who live with God in heaven, not in other planets. Hope I am clear.

(George Tichy) #25

I have always been very suspicious of this story about Abraham and the almost killing of his son. I am just being honest. What kind of father would volunteer to kill his son without telling it to his mother? This is just an initial question, but a crucial one. Did he lie to Sarah about their “mission” that would take several days on a long trip?

I won’t even go further into other questions related to this biblical description. Some people could go berserk… :wink:

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