What My Black Friends Wish I Knew About Racism in America — I’m Listening Series

In the May 29 episode of Seventh-day Adventist YouTuber Justin Khoe’s “I’m Listening” series, Khoe asks Black Seventh-day Adventists to share what they “wish I knew about racism in America.”

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God is watching.

The pastor at the small church I visited last Sabbath showed this video at church. He spoke on racism.
I will say this in light of the protests and riots of the last several days to get a conversation going.

In 2019, 10 unarmed blacks were killed by police. 48 police were killed by blacks. Of the 10, (all were investigated), I believe 2 police were prosecuted. The rest were shown to have acted appropriately. These stats are from the Washington Post. They keep a tally.

The death of this black man hit a nerve, but the truth is, white police killing unarmed blacks without cause is almost unknown. I might add that in 2015, 38 unarmed blacks were killed by white cops, so it has gotten less.

Those are the facts, but the perception is that it is happening all the time. You may argue about blacks being stopped inappropriately, or about other issues, but unarmed blacks are not being killed by the police. 10 cases per 330 million? Let’s get real.

The reaction to the virus has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. The rioting will really inhibit recovery. It will be lower income people that will suffer most. The fabric of the nation is being torn apart.

The agenda of the media and some liberal politicians is to demonize white people. It’s working. The Minneapolis police dept had undergone sensitivity and diversity training prior to this killing. And has tried to hire from diverse groups, but apparently had a hard time recruiting.

After all that was there really systemic racism on the force, or was it perhaps one guy.? I don’t think we need to destroy the nation to discipline one guy.


This lady seems to be demonizing whites as well. I hear a lot more white liberal folk apologizing for their privilege than any people expressing rage. How many white supremacists are there in the country? Here is the stat

Only about 25,000 Americans are hardcore ideological activists for the white supremacist movement, a tiny fraction of the white population. That’s 0.00012 percent.

Thank you for this timely and important message. . .

I think the most ironic part of all of this could be described by the video below:
(Warning … Language)

The composition of people in the large cities, especially in the middle-class neighborhoods, tends to be that of liberal anti-racists that voted against Trump. So, mashing their windows down, and looting their businesses, and shutting down the economic activity for protests that have no difinitive leadership of a list of demands should turn a lot of these people to the cynical racists that will secretly vote for Trump in the next election. Perhaps that was Trump’s plan all along, since he wasn’t very forceful while these protests unraveled… and local leadership in these cities were in an uncomfortable position of avoiding any forceful condemnation of looters in order to not being caught in the “friendly fire”.

So, it’s an ironic case of a donkey eating its tail, and blaming it on some other animal.

But, if we don’t want to descend into civil war there must be some bipartisan efforts to stop the vitriol, and work towards bipartisan solutions.

In the horrific minutes that one criminal ground out the life of Mr Floyd, how many millions of acts of colorblind love were performed in America? How can anyone claim systemic racism lives in America in the face of this? Do we have a simple arithmetic problem? This new math is killing us all. There are no videos, no publicity of the many millions of times more positive actions. Why?

A million to one or more good deeds, compared to this horrific one.

America did more to kill racism than any nation, why do we seem so bent to kill the idea of America because of a false idea-namely, systemic white supremacist racism?

A friend of mine wrote this-
The only “solution” to problems
based in lies is the truth.
To accept the lies perpetuates the problem.
To accept lies out of need to demonstrate kindness
to the liars, and those who accept the lies,
is not kindness, but selfishness.
It places our need to be thought kind
above the need of the suffering for relief.
Be kind, strive for truth.

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