What Would Ellen White Say to Church Leaders?

Last week I asked what Martin Luther King would say about the current ordination struggle. Today I am asking what Ellen White would say.

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Thank you Trevan Osborn for speaking out publicly and standing up for your convictions and understanding of Scripture. I hope you’ll never get discouraged and give up in your desire to serve God through ministering to the needs of others around us. Ministering regardless of how you may be disciplined by the NAD or any other SDA governing body in the future. You speak for older generation SDA background persons like myself too. If you ever end up censored or rejected where you are, please remember Christ’s words of encouragement to His disciples to move on to serve Him. You will find “like Christian believers” who will accept you and who will thrive through your ministry, as did my pastor uncle, many years ago. Wishing you God’s Guidance and Blessings, always.