When Asking “Why?” Doesn’t Work

I agree with your concept.
Since understanding what ‘suffering’ is appears to be way too complicated (due to semantics…), maybe what we actually need is to find another word to properly represent that feeling. A word that would actually mean … suffering… :roll_eyes: :innocent:

There is no satisfactory answer. It’s all random and pointless.

i share your conclusion. an all-powerful God of love who allows gratuitous suffering is a conundrum for eternity. there are no satisfying theodicies, explanations, or answers. period. this mystery has probably created more atheists than any other. i found a ‘God of weakness for now’ is as close as i’ve come to finding a plausible answer, but a ‘God of weakness’ undermines the very name and notion of ‘God,’ and because of that many or most dismiss such a view. but confronting a Loving God who sits by as an Observer while all manner of disgusting and cruel bloodshed occurs for millennia also strikes at the very name ‘God,’ in my opinion. so yes, it does get random and pointless. apparently Faith must be able to believe in the non-sensical if it is to survive.

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