When We Get it Wrong

One of the things the Catholic Church is often criticized for is their belief in the Pope as Vicar of God, rendering him infallible. Clearly, history is replete with examples of the Pope making questionable and downright erroneous decisions. From the Middle Ages to the modern day, we see examples that demonstrate the Pope’s lack of Divinity. This doesn’t merely pertain to the theological issues we can name, but rather moral problems that the Catholic Church perpetuated under the guidance of various papal leaders. For those of us who are not Catholic it’s easy to point out the flaws of the RCC: from the politization of theology shown by the feuds with European leaders, to the indulgences the church sold in exchange for salvation, to the sexual abuse scandals that traumatized thousands of young people worldwide for generations. The fallibility of the RCC isn’t new news: Martin Luther famously took the RCC to task with the 95 Theses and sparked the Protestant Reformation. It’s easy for Protestants – especially Adventists – to harp on what the Catholic Church gets wrong.

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It’s hard to say I’m sorry, when you are always right. I have said it many times, “We have meet the enemy and it is us”…not the RCC or anyone else. (70 x7)


To which, I’d add the SDA church’s cooperation with the policies of the apartheid government of South Africa; the disintegrative debate over Daniel 8 at Glacier View; the Davenport financial scandal; “The Meeting at the Eighth Street Church”; the de facto racial segregation of Andrews University, the General Conference, and other church facilities during the American era of the same; the financial implosion of Harris Pine Mills; the untenable doctrine of the Investigative Judgment; the exile of Ellen G. White to terra nullis; the church’s failure to embrace the civil rights movement in the 1960s, charging it was run by “Marxists”; the church’s failure to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement in the 2010s, charging it was run by “Marxists”; the theological conclusion that Seventh-day Adventists are “the remnant church of Bible prophecy”; Adventism’s refusal to say anything meaningful about the shooting of unarmed Black males by police, or the caging of migrant children on the Southern border; the 2300-day prophecy and all year-day prophetic reckoning; and even the gently proposed children’s story that Noah preached for 120 years (the Bible doesn’t say he preached, nor did he take 120 years to build the ark).

Of course, in the church’s defense, we are always striving to get better at loving one another, and, as all know, love means never having to say you’re sorry.



Eventually the Adventist Church will change the tune on Sunday Laws. EGW said a lot about the civil war, and nothing came true. We now claim that was conditional, although nothing conditional was written. There still many that cling to that Sunday Law myth. FYI, there is no commandment that says, “Thou shalt go to church on the 7th day of the week.” We have bonkers amount of babylon in our church now. The Undercover Adventist: The Seventh Day Adventist Church has as Much Babylon as Other Churches. (the-undercover-adventist.blogspot.com)


Concerning Daniel 8 at Glacier and the 2300 day prophecy . . .


It’s all about pride. We expose everybody else in their sorry states of error, but we can’t seem to understand that we are all like that. We all have to fall before we can move forward - oh wait, we are near perfect…the remnant…the chosen. Heavy eye-rolling going on here.

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