Who Is Being Gaslighted?: On Viral Conspiracies and Religion

OK fine, let’s tell surgeons to remove their masks because they aren’t effective. Seems legit.


The evidence so far, after a year, is that few who have been vaccinated get hospitalized and almost no one dies. Biden stated a generalization, not a lie. Those who aren’t vaccinated are hurting others by clogging up our hospitals, which is straining our medical people to their limits and in many places leaving no room for non-covid cases, emergency or otherwise. It’s also affecting our society negatively as so many are out with covid, leaving their employers short staffed, and some of those employers are nursing homes and other places where patient or customer lives are affected. I see these things with my own eyes all around me. If the government or companies want to have mandates to ease the situation, I am totally fine with that. It’s not like anyone is going door to door forcing needles in people’s arms. If you don’t want to get a vaccine for yourself or your child, then don’t do it. I choose to continue to take the advice of those who have studied viruses for their long careers.


Generalization is a lie in this context. Gaslighting would be saying exactly what you are saying… that Biden and CDC didn’t exaggerate benefits and scrubbed problems.

And that they didn’t push through mandates on basis of “workplace safety” in which unvaxxed were implied as dangerous to other people.

You can’t just walk this back and act like none of that went on, and people weren’t fired because Admin pressured businesses into action over something that’s NOT TRUE.

Stop repeating this nonsense as some composite generalized truth. This is prime gaslighting.

Most of unvaxxed who are not at risk are fine. They are not flooding any hospitals. In fact most of the children are unvaxxed, and they aren’t flooding hospitals.

Unvaxxed that are “flooding hospitals” by occupying less than 20% of totals occupancy beds are not healthy, but unhealthy with compromised immune systems.

What you are doing and the likes of Biden is combining these in the same pile and claiming that they are one and the same person. Please stop doing that… or show data that justifies your position. Anything else is gasslighting and lying.

And I see healthy people doing just fine too. So, maybe we should stop generalizing and focus on at risk groups? It seems like a better idea that wasting enormous sledgehammer trying to kill a rather small fly?

This is incredibly disingenuous position when people are fired over mandates by claiming that they are risk factors to WORKPLACE SAFETY.

Now, all of a sudden, the goalposts moved too… well we just want people to be available to work.

It’s incoherent pseudoscienific nonsense that’s jumping around to whatever narrative fits, and people repeat it like unquestionable dogma, forgetting that they were repeating something else mere months ago.

You can’t expect keep going with mandates under reasoning that no longer makes sense. Employers can do what they want, but you’ve already pressured them into “workplace safety” position with false arguments.

This is nonsense again when policy is constructed in such a way in which unvaccinated are treated as lesser citizens. Until that stops, the position above that aligns with .gov norms is yet another form of gaslighting.

I am an MD and know how to interpret a paper on medical issues. I know that Randomized controlled trials are the best. I know those results and these studies don’t show help.

They are politicians. The Europeans did not mask children and did not require 6 feet distances (The science is 3 feet). These guys are politicians.

I am for vaccinations, but I think the left, with Fauci have harmed children. The studies show it. lockdowns and masks have not helped and do not help. Look at the stats for crying out loud…

Surprisingly, RCT have been done on surgical masks, and they actually do not help prevent surgical wound infections. I suspect the reason is that the respiratory flora are not the same that infect wounds. These are skin flora. Here it the study:

Postoperative wound infections and surgical face masks: a controlled study

T G Tunevall


It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections. On the contrary, a 50% decrease has been reported after omitting face masks. The present study was designed to reveal any 30% or greater difference in general surgery wound infection rates by using face masks or not. During 115 weeks, a total of 3,088 patients were included in the study. Weeks were denoted as “masked” or “unmasked” according to a random list. After 1,537 operations performed with face masks, 73 (4.7%) wound infections were recorded and, after 1,551 operations performed without face masks, 55 (3.5%) infections occurred. This difference was not statistically significant (p greater than 0.05) and the bacterial species cultured from the wound infections did not differ in any way, which would have supported the fact tha the numerical difference was a statistically “missed” difference. These results indicated that the use of face masks might be reconsidered. Masks may be used to protect the operating team from drops of infected blood and from airborne infections, but have not been proven to protect the patient operated by a healthy operating team. (end abstract)

it might be better for you to say, “I don’t know”, than to cling to those political manipulators.

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The problem with employees is that everyone is requiring tests, and if positive, a five day quarantine. why?

If you are vaccinated, you have little to fear, from nonvaxed or vaxed. If you are not, you have made your choice. Most of these testing positive are not sick, just infected. The omicron virus is pretty safe. So, to test all of these well folk and make them quarantine, is really putting a strain on the system.

Best to stop testing, and go about our business. If you are vaccinated, you should do fine. If you are not, you are less likely to do fine, especially if you are old or compromised. If you are that, then quarantine.

David and Jeremy have answered, but the thread is closed so I can only answer by editing this post.

For David. Get real. I am supplying evidence. I have an opinion, and just because it differs from yours, doesn’t not make me an “enemy os souls”. Wow! At least admit that the evidence is ambiguous instead of going on a witch hunt to suppress what you don’t like.

For Jeremy. your fist study says this, And I quote:

Overall, direct evidence of the efficacy of mask use is supportive, but inconclusive. Since there are no RCTs, only one observational trial, and unclear evidence from other respiratory illnesses, we will need to look at a wider body of evidence.

The second study does not contain RCT, as far was I can tell.

So, my studies are better, and other folks are coming around to see that masks unless N95s )maybe) do not make any difference. And just look at the spread of omicron in spite of all the masking etc.!

The masking has not stopped it from spreading everywhere.

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If you are a 19th century physician you might be forgiven for thinking this way. However if you are an MD in this day and age this is unforgivable and no reasonable person would take you seriously.

Your spreading medical misinformation and adding political spin on the pandemic does not make you a more pious Christian nor does it demonstrate your competence as a medical practitioner. It makes you both dangerous and an active agent of the enemy of souls who goes about misrepresenting God and destroys lives.


the Canadian province of Quebec has had it with the anti-vaxxers…it’s now imposing a fine on all adults who are not vaccinated, and who have no legitimate medical exemption…it will be very interesting to see if any other provinces follow suit…


i think your studies are suspect…here’s a good study, from last year already, showing mask efficacy in reducing transmission to a reproduction, or R, value of under 1:

here’s another study from last year showing that mask use reduces covid infection because is blocks droplets of as small as one micromillimeter from escaping from an infected person, but it also prevents an uninfected person from inhaling these droplets:

here’s a summary of research showing individual protection from mask use rises as community mask use rises:

keep in mind there’s a reason why medical personnel wear masks that they can breathe through in operating rooms, and in other circumstances where they may be dealing with an immunocompromised or infectious patient…it isn’t for style…


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No, generalization is not a lie in this context. I understand very well what gaslighting is, and I’m not doing it. I see hospitals having to expand their ICU’s to try to accommodate all the covid patients while others are not able to get a bed. I see medical staff stretched to their limits due to unvaxxed covid patients. I see places of business around me short staffed because of all the employees out with covid. None of that is moving the goal posts or jumping narratives. It’s all hurting people or putting them in danger. If it takes vaccine mandates to fix that, I’m ok with it. I don’t believe many companies are being pressured to do mandates; if anything, they are hesitant to do so due to being pressured to not mandate. That’s what I see with my own eyes. We’ll just have to disagree. I will continue to follow the recommendations of people who have studied viruses for decades.