Whose Church? Ethnicity, Identity, and the Politics of Belonging in the Adventist Church in Kenya — Part 5

Not in a hurry…the “Remnant” will still be waiting regardless. :wink:

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@GeorgeTichy, @cincerity
Do you believe a Sunday law is coming, or perhaps should I say, coming again (because Sunday laws have already been enforced in the US, even though they were not universal)?

I lived in Massachusetts when they still had the “Blue Laws” in force…which basically meant that you could only shop half days on Sunday. So, I am aware that some states have them on their books but don’t enforce them. However, there are many other states with archaic laws that aren’t currently enforced.

I don’t know if Sunday Law is coming but it seems less and less likely in an increasingly Secular society with many beliefs and cultures.

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I lived in the south during the blue law days. Nothing was open on Sunday except the pharmacy. Even there you could only buy medical type things at the store. I don’t remember when things started to change, but it’s been a few decades since stores were forced to close on Sunday. There were some restaurants open on Sunday.

The only way that Sunday laws could be an issue for Adventists, or any Saturday church/synagogue attenders, is if they were forced to work on Saturday, and forced to attend some sort of religious service on Sunday. Guess a lot of buildings will have to be built to accommodate 350,000,000 (or so) citizens in the US, and a system of keeping track of everyone to be sure they are going to the religious (or whatever it might be) on Sunday.


This very sad because the signs are so obvious but I guess some of us just don’t see them…

God could have left us in the dark regarding end time events but he did not. Everything is so clearly outlined that it is quite sad that some of us would just dismiss prophecy.

The Jews had the same attitude after defeating the Roman army lead by Cestius. They probably thought it was unlikely the Romans would succeed in their conquest of Jerusalem, but they were wrong. Titus came a couple of years later and they were all slaughtered. Jesus had warned them of what to expect and they perished because of unbelief.

“Since religion was disestablished in Virginia and the other original States, the later American Sunday laws have not required Church attendance ; but they have continued to call Sunday “the Sabbath day,” and to forbid ordinary labor, business, trade, recreation, and amusements as formerly on that day.” (Page 35).

“Within recent years, under its Sunday laws, have occurred numerous prosecutions of conscientious observers of the seventh day, with fines and imprisonments following.” (Page 78)

“Mr. Judefind, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church of Rock Hall, Md., was arrested in Kent county, November 20, 1892, on the charge of husking corn out of the shock on Sunday. The complaining witness was the Rev. Mr. Rowe, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, Rock Hall.” (Page 722)

“Mr. Baker, an observer of the seventh day, was arrested April 11, 1893, and tried before Justice Phillips, of Queen Anne county, April 12, on the charge of plowing on Sunday. He was sentenced to pay a fine and cost amounting to eleven dollars … The judgment of the lower court was affirmed, and he was sent to jail, and served forty-three days.” (Page 722)

“Mr. Marvel, another observer of the seventh day, was arrested in Queen Anne county in June, 1893, and prosecuted for setting out tomato plants on Sunday, a work which occupied only a few minutes. The complaining witness against him was his own son.” (Page 723)

“A Watchman’s Association was formed at Shady Side, to watch seventh-day observers on Sunday, with the avowed intention of getting them all in jail, or driving them from the country.” (Page 725)

“R. R. Whaley, treasurer of the Seventh-day Adventist church at Church Hill, Queen Anne county, a carpenter by trade, was engaged to build a meeting-house for his society. On Sunday morning, June 3, 1894, he worked in his garden. A neighbor became offended at the sight, though before making a profession of religion Mr. Whaley had often worked in his garden on Sunday, and sometimes cut enough wood on that day to last the rest of the week, without protest. Evidently, therefore, Mr. Whaley’s real crime was in becoming an Adventist.” (Page 725)

During 1895 and 1896, no less than seventy-six Seventh-day Adventists were prosecuted in the United States and Canada under existing Sunday laws. Of these, twenty-eight served terms of various lengths in jails, chain-gang, etc.” (Page 726)

Early Sunday Laws in America

@cfowler, @cincerity, @GeorgeTichy
History has a tendency to repeat itself…

A lot has changed since then. We live in vastly different times. I don’t believe that there will be Sunday laws. I’m assuming you think that there will be buildings constructed to accommodate 350,000,000 people in America? If you believe in a future Sunday law, that’s your right to believe so.


Not everything in history repeats itself.


It is true not everything in history repeats itself.
The coming sunday law will probably not be implemented exactly the same way as it was in the late 1800s. Nevertheless, prophecy tells us there will be a sunday law, so it will happen.

A lot has changed since then

And yet, dominionist evangelicals are now pushing real hard to unite Church and State and gain control of government…

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I suppose our “realities” that we see are different. However, I trust that if I need to be aware of something that the Holy Spirit can bring it to my attention…so I have no worries.

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I have a genuine question: do you believe in Bible prophecy?

What is your definition of “Bible prophecy”?

But…sometimes not.

I was thinking more specifically about prophecies of Daniel and Revelation

Our understanding of the prophecies of Daniel is not an innovation. The protestant reformers had the same understanding of who the power of Daniel 7 (rising among the ten horns of the fourth beast) was.
Careful study of History leaves no other options…

Again…there are other “options”- but you have your understanding and I have mine. We differ.

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What about them specifically?

I can agree that there is a huge push for Evangelical influence in politics…but before this there was the hysteria over the Catholics in politics. It really never ends.


Is this in Scripture…a Sunday Law? If the final test of mankind was to be about a day (Saturday), I think it would be made clear for all Christians to see. I don’t believe that the final test, as EGW/SDA’s claim, is about a day.

I’m not sure how many people are considered “dominionists”, but I don’t believe that they have the power to pull off this takeover of the US. I don’t think most Christians are of this mindset at all. They aren’t that “kooky”.