Why Do We Do Church?

Reassessing “church” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the easiest and, surprisingly, most efficient ways to destabilize any society is to chip away at its traditions. In any social group, traditions are the mortar that holds the societal structure together. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that at the center of many societal turning points are traditions that have been called into question. 

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great post!

not clear to me if you mean “traditions” that potentially can evolve with culture and changes…

“church” as a “gathering” is a deeply rooted biblical notion, but to equate “church” to “denomination” or “meeting in a building” is to miss the essence of “church”…

covid 19 taught demographers and sociologists great lessons as we are still evolving through the pandemic. the same applies to business enterprises, education, government, and the expanding use of “virtual reality”… we still don’t know what normal will look like by the end of 2021.

my concern with the “classic” use of “church” is with the confusion created when in SDA circles we speak of “church” to mean “denomination” (there are 43.000+ Christian denominations in the world that comprise “CHRISTIANITY” as one of the religions of the world). “CHURCH” is universal, theo-centered, global, invisible, and is happening in all religions of the world as God’s people respond to God’s invitation to let them love Her in the silent chamber of their collective consciousness! (Revelation 3:20).

i believe the young generation and what is being labeled as the “YOLO” generation will increasingly drives us to take a new look at our theological notions, eschatology, social justice, environmental concerns, presuppositions, views of what “authentic church” means (beyond the denominational and religious boundaries) and expand the dimension of “love and compassion” as the central components of the “NREC” (Non-Religious Emergent Church) or “Post-Christian-Post-Laodicean-Post-Religious” MOVEMENT!

we are theologically still in the “modern” epoch; we (SDA), along with most of Christianity have not even fully moved into post-modernism, and we are already into what sociologists call the “Meta-Modern” epoch of cultural evolution! the philosophical and theological implications for a fresh view of “church” posed by “meta-modernism” are enormous!

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Anyone who tried to call for calm and reason was unfortunately labeled as an active, unreligious participant in the conspiracy and, consequently, the enemy.

As Winston Churchill famously quipped, “never let a crisis go to waste.” This aphorism has not been lost on the anti-women’s-ordination, pro-last-generation-perfectionist, literal-6-day-creation, EGW-infallibility extremists in our midst. If they’re based in the US, this crowd correlates well with the whacko Trump-really-won-the-election loony fringe. They’ve manipulated the pandemic crisis (coupled with Joe Biden’s election) to whip themselves, their followers and others into an apocalyptic frenzy.


“Do Church”?? Is that like do lunch or do shopping or do work? Or in a religious realm, do baptism, do potluck, do fellowship dinner? To “do” church gives a rather works based sound of religion, as if it is a duty.

Are you suggesting it’s “wacko” to believe in a 6-day creation?

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If any group can be accused of leveraging the COVID crisis to their advantage (which virus, according to the broadest terms imaginable, has been associated with less than .05% of the world’s population deaths over the past year and one half) it is the pro-big government, get a progressive elected at any cost even if he’s essentially incoherent, be afraid be very afraid, left.

To paint with a brush so board as to lump together and smear all of the people in your post is, by any reasonable definition, the epitome of wackiness.


I would say that the majority of 6-literal-24-hour-day creation adherents are on the fringe.

All sorts of people have used this crisis. E-retailers have used it to get rich. Real estate speculators are using it to get rich. Certain politicians in the US tried using it to overturn an election. Certain elected politicians have used it to aggregate power. In the SDA church, the Sunday-law nutcase crowd are using it to cry wolf once again - never mind that the last 31 predictions of the impending apocalypse were failed prophecies, this time for real the big bad pope will sweep in and take over the whole world (again never mind that almost no one pays attention to the pope other than fringe SDAs).

Thanks for an honest answer PP. Are you SDA?

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