Why Funerals are Better Than Parties: New Book Offers Help In Preparing for Death

Becky Daniel talks about her new book Checklist for Mortals, and why she thinks death doesn't need to be intimidating.

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At first, being an 83 year old (3rd Gen.) Adventist I was somewhat taken aback by the cover. However, I am also a Progressive “new” Adventist. After reading the interview carefully and vacuuming out the ancient Adventist cobwebs of my brain I can understand her concept. Can’t say it will go over too well in the SDA community but it is catchy and a positive way to change non-believers and especially childrens minds about the concept of death . I applaud Becky’s insight. Funerals everywhere are taking a step forward away from the Hell fire and intersanctum of the grave. Away from the mourners weeping privately behind curtains with mournful organ music playing. Now we joyfully celebrate memories of the deceased and essentially have a party. In Hawaii people are asked to wear Aloha clothes and they mingle with the mourners, happily ‘talking story’ with the family. Yes, SDA’s have a much better picture of what happens after death, most do not fear death, only the idea of leaving behind loved ones, but many still do not prepare their loved ones or talk about the end. My mother died at 94 and she planned her memorial service with everything she wanted, including all the trimmings. It was delightful and I heard many older SDA’s say “this is how I want my memorial service to be”. I also have mine and my husbands total service written out and even have the bulletin covers made with our pictures on the front. And no, it isn’t too soon. There will definitely be changes made to my program after I’m gone but I had the joy of getting it ready and writing my own Eulogy. Who else knows better what to say about me? I think I would like to read this book and look for Easter eggs (have to read just to find out what they have to do with death). I probably will still be a little queasy by the little creature on the cover but hey, I’m old and I still have opinions AND I’m definitely not dead yet. smile


Thank you, Becky and Alita, for a delightful interview.

What a joy to see a practical, concise, creative approach on this subject. I just read the book again, and I recommend it to anyone to read.

Go ahead. It won’t kill you.

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