Why the Sabbath saves the Adventist soul

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It's clear from many studies on the past couple of American elections that middle class white Adventists have voted in similar patterns to evangelicals. And for similar reasons: a loosely literal reading of the bible and discomfort about social shift.

But the majority of Adventists have stayed away from the most dangerous allure of literalistic fundamentalism, that of governmental control. The reason for that lies in the Sabbath. As a minority worshiping on Saturday and working to protect the rights of any human to follow her conscience, we save ourselves (often subconsciously) from the most popular literal readings of scripture by supporting a strong separation of church and state. Recently many conservatives such as Sen. John Danforth, David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan have realized that their elected leaders lost their souls when they exchanged that fundamental American governing principle for some fundamentalist votes.

Here's the gay, conservative Andrew Sullivan lecturing at CATO on the conservative soul and the danger of faith as governing philosophy.

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