Why Witness?

She, the widow, took care of a disabled young man - and needed a time of recreation. Well., he was an epileptic, so we could construct a reason for taking him as an inpatient for having him under control and observation and adapting the therapy (as we declared it for the Social Security because of covering the costs.).

Ouch, take an SDA as inpatient into the department you are resonsible for !? Better not, believe me, but we took the risk, Rudi came.

And the everyday routine was going on. No special privileges for Rudi.

Then another one, out from the country, too much alcohol, was ready for being dismissed. Last therpeutic conference with him : "Are you an Adventist ? Ya see, here we have lots of time time to observe and discuss our observations - about the staff and about other patuients. And I have observed also, especially you and Rudi. You both are different, I want to experience more of your faith when I am home again - - ".

Rudi, thank you, you are blessed by our Father in Heaven in spite of your disabilities - - and this was the witnessing your copatients could take notice of. ( And, by the way , I never told your deacon or - beware - the minister of your local church - that the other patients have tought you to play cards ! )

Yes, why witness ?


It’s problematic because it’s all surface level “witnessing.” It’s meaningless to anyone seeking answers for real life issues. It’s not from the heart.

You want to know what real witnessing is all about, spend a few months faithfully attending AA. Spend a couple years in a commitment to group therapy. Volunteer regularly at a food pantry. Etc., etc., etc.

Telling other people that you felt led by God to attend a different university is not witnessing. Not really.

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I don’t want to misrepresent her story. She wasn’t trying to witness to me. She knew where I stand. She was merely integrating her beliefs in her language, and she and many evangelicals believe that God guides them and helps them out in some specific life choices or events that other people may see as complex web of a wide range of personal decisions.

Evangelical witnessing may be very specific in its approach… convince you that you are a sinner and in need of forgiveness so you can be ok with God and go to heaven. Adventist witnessing is not substantially different.


Definitely not, except with the addition of scary beasts with gnashing teeth and sharp horns!


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