Will 'The Great Controversy' Project Harm Adventism?

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But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Do ye look on things after the outward appearance? If any man trust to himself that he is Christ’s, let him of himself think this again, that, as he is Christ’s, even so are we Christ’s.

Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.

Lord, have mercy.

The Great Controversy was written from an earth-life perspective. I would like to hear from our prophet EGW what is her spiritual perspective now that she has been in the afterlife for a goodly number of years. I however am told that there is no sense of time in certain sectors of the afterlife, but I do not believe this holds true for all sectors since a man I do not admire, the prophet Samuel, is recorded in the Bible as having enough of a sense of the passage of time to be able to warn King Saul that his physical life would end within 24 hours. Researchers at the afterlife research computer sites at Luxembourg have been receiving even photo images of people and landscapes from the afterlife originating from “Timestream” , supposedly a broadcasting station set up by a deceased entity from another planetary system. One of the engineers at Luxemborg site (George Meeks)even allegedly received a photo image from his deceased wife and a note saying she could hardly wait to be reunited with him. I myself have been told by a psychic reader (who predicted the time of his own murder , and also lodged a before- death statement to the police identifying his murderer, which proved to be accurate). that my present wife had reincarnated with me in Ireland 700 years ago.So, can EGW give us the benefit of her afterlife experiences or is she too attached to beliefs broadly stated in some Bible passages?

The question of harming Adventism is not the issue.  Anyone claiming to be a SDAdventist is not a straight ticket to heaven.  Accepting God's Word from the Bible is truly universal and accessible to anyone.  The result for anyone who rejects God's Word, from Genesis to Revelation. Chooses not to follow humbly the "Road Map" to God's Heaven will NOT be allowed in, but will be destroyed eternally.  Sin shall not rise the second time since the devil with his followers will be wiped out.  God has complete unquestioned Rights to cleanse His earth and restore humanity back to absolute perfection as done in creating Adam and Eve.  That is the whole plan of salvation, to Rescue, Restore and Redeem by the blood of Jesus Christ.  Every human being has the choice to accept God's Deal or devil's deal.  Loyalty to God has to be tested as in the garden of Eden.  Access to the tree of Life and all the perks, benefits with face to face communion and fellowship with a Holy God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and angels in Absolute perfection.  Nothing better.  Satan confined to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the same garden of Eden, why?  Eternal life with God or eternal death joining the devil.  This explanation to choose between life and death was made crystal clear by God to Adam and Eve.  God is fair, just, adheres to His rule of Law and does not cause doubt.  The devil deceptive, cunning, liar, insinuates doubt.  Says to the woman  "you shall Not surely die" additionally, "your eyes shall be opened, ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil".  In heaven did the devil know good and evil? How about God, had to cast out evil devil from His Holy presence.  
   This is the Great Controversy that began in Heaven and will conclude  on earth.  Jesus Christ crowned the King of Kings will come in Glorious splendor with the angels.  To claim His followers that were tested, tried and victorious from the jaws of death and wicked clutches of the devil.  Two opposing sides, the true commandment keeping followers of Jesus and the wicked followers of the devil.  God's system sounds the warning  to come out of Babylon the great whore ( ...corrupted the earth with her fornication and took the blood of the saints....Rev. ch.14-19).  God's truth is light not hidden in darkness.  The devil's lies, deceptions, corruption, control, taking the place of God on earth, blasphemes against God forced worship of the evil man made system (beast).  Replacing the True 7th day of worship with Sunday (papal Roman church).  The final stages of the impending disaster due to every extreme evil imagined and perpetrated by humans under the evil influence of the devil, through wicked false systems, (Papacy, heathenism, secularism, godlessness, complete lawlessness, breakdown of morality (based on God's Laws), etc.  Unimaginable evil and destruction, such as never was but rapidly, unfolding to wreak havoc on earth that will destroy millions of lives.  

Stop and listen; Advance Warning Saves Lives! How does one have access to this eternal life saving warnings. Not from the evil, wicked and destructive systems. That falsify, distort, tell outright lies, lure by deceptive teachings in garments of false truths, diluting truth with error to confuse, develop counterfeit preaching, teaching, false system of worship,
open rebellion against God’s moral Laws, etc. The list is endless. There is a secure way out of this destruction. Seek the kingdom of God through His Word, humbly with an open mind praying for the Holy Spirit to give guidance, understanding, revelation of truth and the conviction to take a firm stand for God and reap the rewards He has promised to His followers.

The book Great Controversy is the lesser light, written by an inspired prophet of God, to give insight and forewarning of the impending disaster as revealed in the Word of God, the Holy Bible KJV. Teachings, prophesy, preaching, that is founded on God’s Word, is the only testimony to accept.
If Adventism, Catholism, heathenism, secularism, etc.does not abide by the only standard of scripture, the Holy Bible, the system is not harmed.
All the false ‘isms’ leads those who depend on it and not study for
themselves, to final eternal destruction. So heed the warnings and be
forewarned lest one be caught unawares. God cares for His people.

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Hi Athenasius

I can see it from your standpoint even though I am a Seventh-day Adventist from Denmark.

Please allow me to clear out some misunderstandings. Some of my best friends have been Catholics raised polish people. I dearly love them!!! They are polite, humble, peaceful people with such finetuned humor which is not full of sarcasm like many danish people are used to in our culture. But even though they are my friends they know my biblical standpoint and respect it.

This is what the know I believe:

Based on my interpretation of the prophecies in the Book of Daniel, chapter 2 and chapter 7 read in connection with the Book of Revelation, chapter 13, I can’t see who else the “little horn” (Dan. 7) and the “first beast with seven heads and ten horns” ((Rev. 13) is – other than the Roman Catholic Church. I see no other possible interpretation unless I violate scripture and deny comparing prophecy to written history.

So, we have absolutely nothing against any catholic individuals, but the Bible warns about the nature of the religious SYSTEM and its plans for world domination. During Medieval times, it fulfilled its prophetic role as the cruelest persecutor of heretics (i.e. people with a different faith than what the popes dictated). But more than that, the “little horn” (the Beast) is prophecized to come back in our time to have great power (both political and religious) by secretly corporating with the political powers and especially bonding with the protestant, political powers in the United States.

If you can give me a good argument to interpret these biblical prophecies differently than is outlined in The Great Controversy, I will gladly become the strongest anti-Adventist-doctrine-person in the world. Therefore I invite you to study the above-mentioned prophecies and email me your interpretation of who the “little horn” is in the Book of Daniel, and who the “first beast” from the Book of Revelation 13, is. If you come to another conclusion than me, please do me a favor and explain your interpretation.

Believe me, I have NO preconceived conviction to cling to this interpretation. I would gladly leave it if I saw that it is not biblically based but just some kind of protestant, anti-catholic prejudiced attitude. I have NO whatsoever problem by turning my back on the Adventist interpretation if I found out that it is based on loose imaginations far away from a biblical foundation.

And again: I am not against you or any catholic people in the world, but based on my current beliefs I have a warning against the secret geopolitical and geo-religious goals of the Catholic Chuch, which I believe the Bible has revealed.

Contact me: t.johansen1844@gmail.com

Kind regards

God is much greater than encourage us to break His law of tithing in order to gather means for evangelistic projects. Much greater! God owns everything and can easily open doors where we see only closed doors. In my own life I have seen it again and again. We break the law of the state by withholding the taxes layed upon us - even though we see that the government spent our tax money in many useless and often unscrupulous ways. In the same way we break the law of God when we withhold our tithe from the His Treasury even though we see our leaders have fallen away from biblical truth and away from the Spirit of Prophecy. God can finish HIS work through us without us having to commit the presumptuous sin in order to “help” Him out. Kind regards, Torben

thx for your clear perspective, Torben…there was a time when i would strongly agree with you…now, however, i’m inclined to think that redirecting tithe away from the local conference is a form of reproof of local leadership that we are derelict to withhold when warranted…i believe we have a responsibility to say and do something meaningful when we see our leaders are in the wrong…

keep in mind that redirecting tithe to a worthy cause that we know is doing god’s work is not the same as withholding tithe…