Witnessing green churches

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We need more of this in our church communities.

Thanks to the reporting of La Sierra M. Div student, Jared Wright, meet Chantel Davies, a Ph.D. candidate, and member of the Edinburgh Adventist Church in Scotland.

She reports on eco-justice efforts at her church:

I think the biggest step forward has been to have environmental issues put onto the agenda for the church board. We're now discussing ways to make the church "greener". It'll take time, but every little bit helps. Saving money appears to be the greatest incentive, but it has to start with something.

The church has begun a program of recycling papers, plastics, and metals - (above) Receptacles for compost material minimize the church's environmental impact (below right )

We don't need to wait for GC approval or even pastoral leadership on this issue.

But it will take a shift in thinking about what the Christian witness means in the 21st century. Might the future of church growth mean people finding community with congregations that share the good news that caring for creation brings peace on earth.

If anyone wants to learn more about how to green their church, check out Interfaith Power and Light. I just heard that the California chapter is giving an award to Hollywood Adventist Church pastor Ryan Bell for his leadership in environmental advocacy.

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