Women’s Ordination: Keeping Things in Perspective

This Commissioning it’s nothing but a joke. it is clearly a manipulation tactic designed to keep women at bay, far from any activity that could possibly jeopardize men’s full control of the Church’s businesses.



  • Did Jesus ordain any women to be disciples or aspotles?
  • Did Jesus authorize any disciple or apostle to ordain any woman?

Did Jesus create Pathfinder clubs and start them across Judea?
Did Jesus initiate “Sabbath School” and “Vacation Bible School” and “Ingathering”?


You prefaced your post with the question: What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD) but you provided examples of What Did Jesus Do? Two very different questions.

If the church bases its beliefs and teachings on the Bible we must always defer to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and what he did, taught and commanded.

To answer your question, I don’t see where Jesus ordained anyone to be a Pathfiner leader, Sabbath School teachers, etc, but wouldn’t be surprised to see someone demanding that take place.

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At Pentecost the New Testament church holding its first official meeting in the upper room, guided by the Holy Spirit ordained a man to replaced Judas as an apostle. They did not ordain Jesus mother to this position of authority or any of the other women there.
The 70 disciples were called/appointed while the 12 apostles were ordained. I’m no expert but since the Greek words used are not the same they can’t obliviously mean the same thing.
Jesus called his disciples to him and chose 12 of them to be apostles. Jesus trained and equipped the disciples and apostles to work for him, but the disciples didn’t have to be ordained to do that work, nor did they demand they be ordained like the apostles before they would do any work for him.

So today when a woman studies the Bible with another person her words are less blessed than if she were an ordained man. God does not give women the same blessing as he gives to a man. Why is that? Because Eve sinned first?

Scripture says about 120 were in the upper room at Pentecost. This included Jesus mother and other women that had been with Jesus during his ministry. The entire group was praying when the Holy Spirit filled the room. Under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit Matthias was chosen by lot and ordained to replace Judas.
Only one person in the upper room was ordained. Nothing is said about the women being less than the men. If that was the case it would say all the men in the upper room were ordained but the women could never be because they were women.
We should be discussing what scripture actually says and not making up what ifs.

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