Women’s Ordination: The Truth about the Real Position of the 13 Divisions in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

(reliquum) #109

Just like “the Holy Father” is not a Romish tradition, either…

I’ve often wondered if the real etiology of MH is not the prodigals “elder brother” enraged that the hierarchically subservient younger (and detestable pig-sleeping) undeserving prodigal (who was wrongly GIVEN a double inheritance at his “own expense”) would have the “Headship-Father” waiting down there at the end of the driveway yearning to, servant-like, remove his sandals, give his robe and ring, and kill the Fatted Calf (reserved for the Hierarchical Superiors, like Himself, Proud Elder) in order to reinstate the younger as equal member of family. The Elder seems to have a real problem that the younger is due exactly the same rights that he has (as daddy says, “you have always”) had.

(dale) #110

Let’s just be crystal clear on this issue. When a man claims to be the holy father, that is called blasphemy.

Jesus calls his father Holy Father in John 17:11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.

So when Rome uses a term that is designated for God, that makes it a Romish blasphemy; because a man is claiming something that clearly belongs to God.

(dale) #111

1 A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

This is the definition of conspiracy. When the Pharisees and the Sadducees plotted to kill Jesus, that was a conspiracy. When more than one person plots to do something evil together that is a conspiracy. When the Roman church ran the inquisition, that too was a conspiracy. When the Roman church plotted against, persecuted and killed all those who wanted to do nothing more than to read their bibles for themselves, that too falls under the definition of a conspiracy. When the devil and his angels plot the demise of mankind (maybe I’ll be condemned for the use of this word as being discriminatory) that too falls under the term conspiracy. When Ahab, and jezebel plotted to kill Elijah that was a conspiracy.

Conspiracies are a part of life. Where ever good and evil exist, evil will unite for the destruction of the good. This happens everywhere. People are conditioned to think that a conspiracy is some whacked out, far fetched ideas, because a few wing nuts so that when any genuine conspiracy is presented people automatically think it is false. In fact I’m sure everyone has taken part in a conspiracy of some sort. Two people planning to get even with someone that too constitutes a conspiracy.

The nazi’s persecuting and murdering 6 million Jews was also because of a conspiracy. The kkk, and all the racist far right wing groups are all part of a conspiracy as well. Should we dismiss the Nazi’s or the kkk as doing something wrong because it is a conspiracy? Holocaust deniers say that it is a conspiracy theory.

So which one of the conspiracies that I have presented are just a conspiracy theory? The crucifixion? The holocaust? or the lynching of thousands of black people by the KKK?

Anyone can say anything is a conspiracy theory in an attempt to discredit it. Every thing that I have listed is well documented in the bible, history or both. Almost all of them have been presented as a conspiracy theory in an attempt to make them appear false.


Ian… see this recent article citing alleged 19k baptisms in Tanzania…

(Ian m fraser) #113

Was Mark Finley emphazinig MH in his preaching and the baptisms were related to this? Has he had a similar result in thre NAD?

(Steve Mga) #114

Healing of Incurable Diseases. – Doesn’t say what they were.
Demon possession.
We DONT hear of these happening in the U.S. Or in our SDA
Hospitals in our Evangelistic services or
Health Expos that have been put on various places.


When we deny the divinity of Jesus Christ as an equal God of the Trinity, are we not also committing blasphemy?

Male Headship is a “new” doctrine/heresy in the church.

(Denny) #116

Male headship is not a “new doctrine” adopted by the church in the 29th century but is an ongoing teaching that had started in the Eden in verity. Its is a fact that Adam was the head of the family in Eden because even though Eve was the one who engaged with the serpent, God asked Adam “whats the story?” Romans 5 also speaks to hte fact that Jesus became the 2nd Adam to redeem the world and not a 2nd Eve who in essence was the initiator of the whole collapse.

Male headship does not equate to male domineering or patriarchy of male abuse of women. No. But it simply acknowledges the roles God had and has given in order for the basic unit of society i.e. family, to function properly.

(Robert Lindbeck) #117

Pre-dating sin there was no MH. Man was placed as the “head” only AFTER (not shouting, only emphasis) sin entered the earth. Prior to that there is no mention of heads hip. Both male and female were equal before that. To persist with MH is to perpetuate a system brought about because of sin. Surely we should be aiming higher than that?

(Denny) #118

…Then why was Adam created first and Eve second? How could God have “made a miscalculation” in not creating them at the same time?

And why did God deliberately create Adam from the clay, but He created Eve from the rib/body of Adam?

These are questions we must ask ourselves and not be swayed by the 21st century sentiments and political discourses on feminism etc.

We must set the agenda for the world’s moral ethic and not vice versa.