Women's Ordination: Annual Council Was Appetizer; GC Will Be Main Course

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Perhaps you were part of the unprecedented crowd that tuned in for Spectrum's moment-by-moment updates and daily articles from Annual Council in October. Our live tweets and reports from the floor of Annual Council drew an audience like we haven't seen yet, and the reason was simple: people want to know the future of the decades-long debate over women's ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. So do we.

Spectrum covered Annual Council with a crew of two--Bonnie Dwyer and I spent long days and short nights providing coverage becase we are committed to telling this chapter of the Adventist story truthfully, fairly and in a timely manner!

If Annual Council was the appetizer, then the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas will be the main course, and you're invited to join us at the table!

We're assembling our largest and most talented team of reporters--ever--to be there when Women's Ordination comes to a vote, and for all the other significant moments leading up to, during, and after the General Conference Session.

Doing all that costs quite a bit, of course, and we rely on the donations of our community to fund our reporting. We value the the many readers and commenters who make the Spectrum community vibrant! Now, we're asking for your help if you value the coverage we provide.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and as a non-profit organization, we're taking part specifically to help fund our 2015 coverage of Women's Ordination and the San Antonio GC Session. We've set ourselves an ambitious, but attainable goal:

We need to raise $10,000 from at least 50 donors.

Here are three ways you can help us make our Giving Tuesday a success:

1. DONATE ONLINE. Click on an icon below to go to our secure donation page.

2. CALL OUR OFFICE at (916) 774-1080

3. MAIL A CHECK to Spectrum, P.O. Box 619047, Roseville, CA 95661-9047

Donations received by December 31 can be used for 2014 tax deducations. And thank you very much for your part in the Spectrum community!

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What about PayPal? Do you see a possibility here?

(Jared Wright) #3

Hi Marianne,
Great Suggestion! We’ve inserted a PayPal button for your convenience. Thank you very much.
We’re well on our way to reaching our goal!

(Marianne Faust) #4

Thank you, but it didn’t work…it just turned out to be ERROR
well I used the VISA button, but I would really prefer paypal

Thank you for your donation! Those wishing to use PayPal should be able to do so now. We’ve made adjustments in the PayPal button code and it should be working well. If not, clearing your browsing cache may help, too. -Web Editor