World Disrupted, World Revealed—COVID-19 as a Crisis of Ecology and Hermeneutics

Editor’s Note: This was presented at the Adventist Society for Religious Studies 2021 Annual Conference, November 18-20, 2021. World Disrupted, World Revealed: COVID-19 as a Crisis of Ecology and Hermeneutics[1]

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it is starting to look like covid is a result of global warming that has caused a proliferation of the kind of forests favoured by bats in southern china:

The first person I heard make this claim was Pope Francis and I literally laughed. It now seems that the environment may soon also be responsible for promoting and proliferating a virus that has never been nown to exist in any place other that the Wuhan lab?


Wow! A very fascinating article containing much to be learned from. Hope we have some responsible reactions!!


I suspect that whatever Jesus’ good news was, or might have been, most, if not all of it has been turned on its head.

For example, I went to school with some relatives of Desmond Doss, a man who was revered not only by SDA’s but by every human who heard his story.

These days, I suspect “progressives” would recommend he abandon any conscientious objections to the opinions of the “experts”, discard his principles of individual freedom/responsibility, move to the back of the bus and simply accede to whatever mandates the governing elite might issue.

Besides, “kicking against the pricks” can be really hard and you might get sick or killed!:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

That is something I can certainly agree with unfortunately, even as it may have happened in ways and for reasons with which we may have differnt perspectives on.

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I have held back on asking the question all week, but seeing that the comment time is about to expire I will put it out there now.

  1. If the COVID-19 virus proves to be a man-made “gain-of-function” experiment as many immunology creditble experts have said, can we still call this ecological disater a “zoonosis”?.
  2. Has the pangolin theory been confirmed by science or it is just a mysterious missing link for explaining away and acknowleding man’s own role in this ecological disaster (the “gain of function” option) I ask because you are using this it as the basis for a diffeent understanding of Biblical hermeutics.
    Thank you

“As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the debate over GOF research is likely to continue. However, the debate should shift from where it has been to a more productive, pragmatic, and technical discussion of actual risks and means to mitigate them. Identifying what is actually of concern should be the first step, followed by a focus on policies and interventions. There are options for reducing risk—improved biosafety measures, alternative technical methodologies, and registered reports, as well as other potential solutions—but without a common understanding of the problems and good-faith efforts to address them, political debates will continue to provide heat and not light.”

here’s a mainstream media research discussion basically refuting a lab origin for covid as early as last year…it’s explaining why covid originated either in an animal source and mutated into human lethality in that animal source before zoonotic transfer, or zoonotic transfer took place before mutating into human lethality, but then acquired that lethality through mutations in a series of human hosts:

i think the complexity of omicron, which we know has no known lab origin, and which some say mutated over a long incubation period in a single HIV-positive host, strongly suggests the 2nd scenario is likely correct…

No disagreeing with you, but GOF is a completely valid question as the topic of this essay is zoonosis and how/if it applies to SDA hermeneutics

I am not in a position to argue for or against the GOF scenario as valid, but rather my point was about Sigve’s proposal to view SDA hermenutics from a new ecological perspective a potential house of cards, given that the animal host scenarios remains a theory…

it’s a question of probabilities, as is much of hermeutics…the animal/human origin theory is substantially more probable than the GOF wuhan lab theory (the article I cited essentially dismisses the possibility of the lab theory due to a missing, living immune system reacting and adapting to the various mutations needed for covid)…

on the lab theory, China’s stonewalling may not indicate conscious guilt, as much of GOP world infers…it may indicate an unwillingness to divulge real bioweapon systems under development…

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