Worship in Exile: The Perils and Promise of Virtual Church

A grey and white cat wanders in front of Malisa’s camera.

“I think on the prayer front let’s add a praise for cats and their existence,” One Track Sabbath School class leader Grace Criteser announces. “Because that’s glorious.”

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It is inspiring to see the solutions presented in response to a problem. Local people having more than a local impact.

I look at the way that the Adventist church collects its statistics, and wonder whether the measures used are relevant any longer. There is a record of total churches and companies, but who gets to determine what constitutes a church or company in the age of online attendance. Baptisms halved in the NAD in 2020 compared to 2019, but that is no reflection on how many people engaged and contributed. Apostacies also halved.

A new era has arisen. The future is unknown, and exciting.

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