Worship Styles? It’s Not about the Shoes

(le vieux) #41

A fact that is not understood by many people.

(Elaine Nelson) #42

As California’s central valley produces more produce than any state and most countries, the drought and early warm period has resulted in earlier stone fruit and fewer cold weather vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and the cool weather vegetables, therefore, expect higher produce prices.

Processed food is much higher in sodium and sugars, high in carbohydrates with little nutritional value but because of the low prices, ease of preparation, it is used more by those with low incomes. Refusing to acknowledge the difference in buying power and access is to dismiss the obvious difficulties in adhering to better diets that the more affluent and educated can afford. Wear their shoes a week while the trudge to the nearest transportation to take their children to daycare, then to a low-paying job and retrace those steps in the evening and prepare a meal to feed hungry children.

(Carolyn Parsons) #43

Often these products like mac and cheese, frozen chicken fingers, frozen pre-prepared fried tacos and frozen pizza are high in fat. Fat makes people feel more satisfied and kids will eat readily. Fighting a child to eat a food that they don’t like is exhausting. I know, I did this with both of my nephews and I can’t imagine doing it every day.

Frozen foods keep much longer than vegetables so there is little waste.

(Andrew) #44

Yes, you’ve got to start then off early. Fortunately my wife is Greek, so my son has got into good habits. I am the one who, at the family table, is forcing himself to eat the vegetables with a fixed smile on.

My son and I compete for favorite vegetables. Currently it is broccoli. We have competitions to see who can eat more. My eyes water every time I compete, as I absolutely don’t like broccoli!

(Elaine Nelson) #45

How true that kids must learn to eat good food early, and preferably by example.
I have a little great grandson whose favorite food–believe it or not–is broccoli–raw, of course. Many will eventually develop a wider palate through and when away from home.

But most kids love pizza and it could be a special treat. Most also like spaghetti with marinara sauce is very nutritious. Never, never, force kids to eat a certain food; just offer a variety; they all go through periods of eating the same thing repeatedly, but food should never be presented as a contest of wills, but to be enjoyed. As soon as possible let them help in food shopping and preparation.

(Elias Rowlandson) #46

or easier said than done.

(jeremy) #47

well, for me it isn’t easier said than done…but different personalities may be different…i have no problems doing something i’m convinced needs to be done - never have, never will…

(Ralph) #48

Good article. But, may I add, “how that looks is going to depend a whole lot on who is the God you worship”? That will make this article almost perfect to me, because God has revealed his character and the way He wants us to be worshiping him.

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You mean… I can wear my moccasins? :wink:

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Good read.

I’d like to suggest our acceptance of one another shouldn’t be on what kind of shoes (or clothes) we wear, it also shouldn’t be about which culture we come from or have embraced. Let me explain, I am Native American/Alaskan Native/Firat Nations’s People. Being a Christian to us doesn’t mean we have to live by Western Society’s standards. I have met more people among the aboriginal people of this continent who are more Christian then those who call themselves by that name (I believe these are the sheep of God who are in other folds/sheep pens).

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