Worthington Comes Back to the Adventists


Please bring back Sandwich Spread! My mother and her best friend keep experimenting with recipes but can’t quite get it right! Everyone in Keene TX would definitely be customers!


This has got to be the oddest idea I have ever heard. Back when we “had the market” on our so called natural foods, we could not make the numbers add up. Today, the natural food market (and nutrition science) has moved to support locally grown, organic, sustainable, whole foods, which is a million conceptual miles away from industrial, texture vegetable protein that is extruded from machines, canned, and shipped all over the world. Yet we think this makes an ounce of business sense? Maybe we should start manufacturing wooden brooms again too. Simply odd.

The health message of the SDA church has been totally eclipsed by organic food cooperatives, farmers markets, community gardens and even a secular hospital and insurance company’s THRIVE campaign (see here). Now we want to take our health message back to promoting veggie meat? One more sign that, as a church, we are entirely out of sync with a 21st century culture and lack depth and relevancy to the world that we supposedly serve.

I keep shaking my head.

(Elaine Nelson) #26

What site furnished the info on GMO’s? GMO was developed to stop the need for pesticides and make them pesticide resistant. Yes, Monsanto wants to develop a monopoly costing farmer more but GMO has already developed more nutritious foods, especially rice which is a staple for much of the world and will be more nutritious.

The statement in the article that GMO’s are not healthy needs further explanation. Many believe it but cannot give a reason.

Read the latest NATGEO on DNA which covers GMO and how it can help provide more food for the world and safer: resistant to the diseases that are so costly today.

If we returned to yesterday when food was far less nutritious and far less readily available (slow shipping, spoilage, etc.) our food is far safer today than at any time in history.

Molecular cell biologists understand this; we can trust they are working for us. It is the uninformed who are fearful of the unknown.

(jeannie brown) #27

Is this Don Otis in his 80s?? If so, I think we were in college together at EMC [now Andrews].

Maybe this is his SON (and from the picture he doesn’t look old enough to be my age…).

Anyway, this is a great development. SO glad somebody who’s a good SDA has taken over this market.

(Marlene Eichelberg) #28

Have used these products almost all my life and love most of them. I would love to see Sandwich spread come back, it was so delicious on fresh bread. I loved the Tuno in the roll, none of the others that have been available come near to that in comparison to the real thing. The canned beef slices/gravy were the best in hot beef sandwiches, those are 3 I hope come back. I even miss Vegelona.

(Bonnie Olson) #29

Whatever happened to frozen beef style? It makes good stew meat and stroganoff.

why can’t we buy the Prosage " log" in grocery stores? The Frozen Prosage slices have a much different flavor.

(Julie) #31

I think it’s great that he is trying to keep these SDA. However, the ingredients need a major overhaul. As the he stated part of the SDA message is about health. The products then need to be made with the most healthy ingredients possible. For example remove the Caramel Color, this is a by-product of caramel and is toxic and a Carcinogenic. There are several other ingredients that need to be taken out and/or replaced with a better alternative.


Yes! Vegelona was the best!

(Connie) #33

Glad to hear. Vegalona would be wonderful! I make my own “Loma Linda Sandwich Spread”, can’t tell the difference and a lot cheaper. I also make “Nuteena”, which is copy cat close.


You are spot on Elaine, in saying that for millennia, farmers have been cultivating better seeds for better crops.

However, Monsanto, the multi billion dollar chemical company, has GMO’d
seeds/plants resistant to their weed killer ROUND UP. This allows such crops to be inundated with this poison. Regrettably residues of ROUND UP remain on the resulting crops. Both soy and corn crops are now hugely suspect, unless labeled “organic”.

ROUND UP is hugely toxic, is carcinogenic, and causes Parkinson’s Disease and maybe some auto immune diseases. Researchers are only now discovering some of its deleterious effects.

I do not know why Adventist vegetarians, and others, feel compelled to consume “PSEUDO MEATS”.
Natural whole grains, beans, legumes, quinoa, are protein sources that can be prepared appetizingly, without the added salt and flavorings, particularly SODIUM GLUTAMATE, an especially dangerous brain toxin. This glutamate is sneaked into many prepared foods, because it enhances flavor.

SOY SAUCE, Parmesan cheese and portobello mushrooms are all high in glutamate and should be banned from every healthy kitchen.
GLUTAMATE is a neuro-excitatory toxin and may be causative, or an adjunct to the epidemic of Alzheimer’s. Before buying prepared foods, canned soups etc, scrutinize the ingredient label to ensure no glutamate is present.

Trouble is, manufacturers conceal the “glutamate” with alternate words such as AUTOLYSED YEAST, CASEINATE, NATURAL FLAVORINGS, SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE. SOY EXTRACT, MSG, HYDROLIZED PROTEIN EXTRACT and other euphemisms. Trouble is, many fast food outlets, TACO BELL, and others, add these flavor enhancers to their products.

Anyone with Parkinson’s or Alzheimers, or wishing to prevent these egregious epidemics should avoid these additives like the plague.

CARAGEENAN, another food additive in ice creams, nut milks, etc is a known carcinogen. Read all labels to ensure none is present in the foods you buy!

And the most pernicious, poisonous additive of all: the calamitous CORN SYRUP/SUGAR — ubiquitous in all processed foods.

And while we are on the subject of BANNED foods, no female should be putting SOY MILK in her shopping cart!

It is a POTENT breast cancer promoter!! Buy almond milk instead, (unsweetened of course!)-----but be sure there is no CARAGEENAN included on the ingredient label!

(Richard Ludders) #35

Russell Blaylock MD, a neurologist, writes extensively about excitotoxins and inflammatory foods GMOs in his Newsletter “Blaylock Wellness Report”

(Lynn) #38

This is a noble effort, but it may be too little, too late. SDA manufactured meat analogs historically have been less healthy and less flavorful than most.
(1) They’re gluten based. So many people don’t digest it well, especially from American grown wheat. Most people are better off with healthy, non factory farmed meat than gluten steaks. Oh, the failed vegetarians because of gluten steaks!
(2) MSG, decades after it’s known that people are having asthma attacks, migraine, increased chronic pain, prolapsed organs… There’s no excuse.
(3) Corn based, corn syrup knock offs - Dextrose, dextrin, maltodextrin - even organic foods are ridden with these, including SDA made foods.
(4) Corn syrup - even if it’s not high fructose it’s garbage and should never be in food claiming to be health foods.

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #39

Please don’t leave us Nuteena deprived, Connie. What’s the recipe?

(Connie) #42

Took me bit to figure out how to respond to your email!!

Loma Linda Nuteena

2 c tomato juice (can use V8)
3 c potato water (cook 1 potato in 3 cips water)
1/2 c corn meal
1.5 c peanut butter
2 T oil
1 T soy sauce or Braggs Aminos
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sage or poultry seasoning
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 T Lawery’s seasoning salt
1/2 c gluten or whole wheat flour
2 c oats
1.5 c bread crumbs

Mix together in food processor until smooth. Pour into greased tin cans, filling 2/3 or 3/4 as batter will rise in cooking. Put in kettle of water and steam 60-90 minutes until no longer soft.

(Rohan Charlton) #43

I find it remarkable that for so many years SDAs peddled gluten intense goods as though they were the cutting edge of health foods. As a child I was constantly fed fried oily gluten steaks for goodness sake! (I do admit I loved 'em)

And so often in my upbringing I was told that our ‘healthy vegetarian diet’ was the direct result of divine inspiration. Looking back I realize how dangerous it is to make such claims…


The primary GMO crops were developed to enable the use of one herbicide, Glyphosate (Roundup) to actually be sprayed on the crop plant and not damage it. This does not in any way stop the need for pesticides. It in fact greatly encourages the use of this one pesticide, which in itself is also a bad thing, not the least of which is because intelligent pesticide use rotates between chemistries to prevent the development of resistance. GMO crops will drive resistance to Glyphosate as a result, because the farmer having paid for resistant seed tends to lean exclusively on the chemical it is resistant to. I think there also remains an issue of the fact that Glyphosate GMO crops are actually sprayed themselves and hence this systemic chemical is incorporated into the crop plant (which doesn’t die since it is resistant), but this clearly changes the impact of Glyphosate on the food itself. If you read chemical labels, there is often a 2-3 week preharvest interval for Glyphosate on many crops, and this is when the crop itself is not sprayed, but might get a little incidental drift. For GMO plants, the crop itself is actually sprayed as well. This is WAY different than the normal historical use of this chemical. Of course supposedly lots of studies have been done looking at residuals, but the history of Oops in synthetic chemical use is pretty long, despite numerous studies that “proved” the complete safety of the chemicals in question.

The other big GMO development was to produce BT in crops (corn for example) which will also likely drive resistance in the end, but has the added unfortunate problem of impacting non-target lepidoptera species over wide areas.

Nothing is magic, despite the advertising… But the main problem with GMO is not the genetic change in the food crop, rather it is the change in farming practices that those DNA changes enable. That is where one needs to look at the unintended consequences.

Rohan: If you aren’t in fact gluten intolerant, what do you see as a problem with gluten? I must admit, I don’t get the gluten free fad at all. Cutting down on sugar and simple carbs I understand, and that certainly has been something that EGW and the “health message” missed by a mile, but gluten I don’t see. It actually is a good protein source for a vegan. The fraction of people who are actually intolerant is pretty low. There are people intolerant of nuts as well, and all sorts of other foods. But we don’t go around making a nut free fad, despite the common labeling on lots of processed foods put there for the safety of people in danger of nut intolerance.

(Bb Yeaton) #48

The GMO sweet corn we had in Kauai last winter was DA BOMB!!

How can it be wrong when it tastes so right…

(Graeme Sharrock) #49

“We have been eating GMO food for thousands of years.”

Sorry, but you are way out of your depth on this one. The articles you cite should be read in the context of the documented damage to human health and society caused by GMO-related products.

(Graeme Sharrock) #50

Only 1/200 people are gluten intolerant, but 1/10 think they are. This is the power of suggestion in the fad-food market.

(Elaine Nelson) #51

Humans have been developing better food for thousands of years. While it wasn’t known as GMO, genes were not identified until Mendel in the mid 19th century, but they saw what was developed with their managing their crops.

Take the sweet potato, for example. A recent study found that sweet potatoes were bred some 8,000 years ago out of the swollen parts of regular potato roots. In other words, they didn’t exist until humans tinkered with them. Most of the products grown today have been modified before it became possible to understand better how to keep fruit from spoiling so easily, how crops can produce more, even making them more nutritious; rice is an example and is now much more healthful food before the GMO process.

Since the great potato famine of Ireland in the mid-1800’s, potatoes have been improved by man, genetically, to prevent such disasters and greatly improve the nutritional value.

There is always fear of the new, but where is the documented evidence that consuming GMO food is harmful for the majority of consumers. There will always be some who have medical reasons for avoiding certain foods, but what harm has been shown from GMO foods?

In the mid-19th century, Gregor Mendel, a scientist and Augustinian friar who lived in what is now the Czech Republic, is considered the father of modern genetics due to his plant hybridization experiments. Hybridization involves breeding between plants (or animals) of different species — plants are more likely to hybridize because pollen often disperses onto the flowers of other species. He toyed primarily with pea plants between 1856 and 1863, and his work was later drawn upon in genetic engineering.

We have all been eating GMO -engineered food for all our lives whether we’ve known about it or not. Those who have recently heard about this need to study the lengthy history of how our ancestors learned how to develop and improve foods that have benefited mankind. The recent furor is only become recently known
and there are always those fearful of the new without investigating legitimate sources.