Worthington Comes Back to the Adventists

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I tired to respond to your post previously, but for some reason it was not accepted, whether censored or a glitch in the system it is hard to say. At any rate, I spent a great deal of time researching and writing out that reply and do not wish to go through all of that again. If you really are interested in knowing how organizations like Worthington and Little Debbie can go awry, you may wish to review what happened with 1)Davenport, 2)HHES/FERS, 3)AHS/North and Boston Memorial Hospital, 4) the Folkenberg presidency and several others that were ostensibly sheltered from church involvement through several shell corporations and offshore entities yet still managed to drain the church of millions of dollarsof tithe and trust funds. When we are elevated to high position, we take our flaws with us and we are all flawed. (Romans 3:10) It is not wrong to ask for due diligence when dealing with one another financially. It is proper stewardship. My apologies for the brevity of this reply, as it may raise more questions than it answers. If you wish to talk more, perhaps you can write me directly.


The difference here is that the denomination owns NONE of Mr. Otis’ enterprise and has NO say in it. It’s owned by an Adventist, not Adventist-owned. We have no vested interest. If it goes belly-up, we lose nothing. If it reaps millions we get nothing (except a possible tithe check :slight_smile: ). Any due diligence would have to be done by Mr. Otis. The Church has no say. If the Church were to have even a 1% interest, due diligence would be a must. However, we have nothing to do with this company. What we can do is pray for its success. It’s just like any other company owned by an SDA.

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Golden rice, which is supposed to prevent blindness among children, has been in development for 30 years and still isn’t on the market.

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Can you please explain how you know that no church administrators are either among the private investors or sit on the board for this company? A company does not have to be owned by the church for the church to be involved.

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I shunned eating Worthington/Loma Linda/Morningstar a long time ago after learning they were made with non-organic GMO soy. I’m shocked that the SDA community still promotes eating this junk. That said, I welcome any attempt to bring back these foods but made with healthier, non-GMO ingredients.

To the person who said there are less vegetarians these days - I strongly disagree. I think plant based eating is more popular than ever, but those folks don’t want to eat processed vegetarian foods. Eating whole foods is always going to be better.


I am so glad that you are bring the old taste of thing. When will the product be in stores?
I am in Washington State.


I eat some meat as part of MY understanding of a healthy diet. I eat some goat meat (curried) since I do not see where hormones etc are usually used in their rearing as is the case with bovine. I try not to eat dairy , but though the spirit is willing the flesh is weak and I do eat ice cream from time to time. Having read about MONSANTO I avoid SDA food products as best I can but succumb now and then when I run low on alternatives. Fish I nos avoid as much as possible due to mercury levels; wheat also. What can we really eat with confidence anyway ? I do not eat Kellog’s flakes anymore. How can this corn product which is generally sweetened and accompanied with milk be a healthy choice. There are only 5 brands of breads in the USA , according to FOOD BABE, food crusader and researcher, which she would eat.Lord help us.

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“Returning to yesterday when food was far less nutritious” WOW !!! anything grown in today’s soil which has been depleted of nutrients thru conventional commercial farming is FAR LESS nutritious., Can you please give me the name of any kind of scientist that is NOT on the payroll of a corporation that profits by selling me something to consume. Sorry they are not “working for us”

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Cheap, bad food for Adventists? What does that look (taste) like? Many of SDA college campus communities had short-order restaurants that did well for a while . . . now, even though it’s expensive, one can find all the prepared vegetarian dishes one could imagine at Wegman’s or, even (if you have the extra $$$s) Whole Foods. I’m surprised that the Adventist community hasn’t taken a position on Frankenfoods or emphasized organic produce, generally. Farm stores and farmers’ markets (including a great one in Takoma Park, right outside the old Sabbath School headquarters that is now functioning as a tap-dancing school) are doing very, very well. I don’t see much of that in our community—not even so much as Amish foods . . . ).

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I hope Nuteena makes a comback. So many of us loved it.

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I also loved Nuteena as a sandwich filling and want so much for it to come back. Is your own version of Nuteena posted anywhere?