Wrong Is Wrong! ... Right?

I don't follow celebs like most people I know. I've lived in New York and Southern California, and I can recall meeting a celeb on the street exactly two times. One was in a NYC Old Navy store when my friend excitedly ran to greet "Ms. Raphael" while I kept shopping. I asked him later if that was an old teacher of his. He gave me the side eye as he explained it was Sally Jesse. Oh. The other time was at LAX. I started walking in the direction of a man near the carousel. He stood tall and smiled. I smiled back and asked him to please step aside so I could get my bag. He looked slightly bemused, and I couldn't understand his puzzlement. I mentioned it to my brother who was on the other side and nodded toward Mr. Bag Blocker. He said, "Oh, that’s (some famous basketball player whose name I've since forgotten)! They just won the championship. He probably thought you wanted an autograph and was puzzled when you didn't ask." Nope. I know names but not faces and hardly any names. So when Nate Parker's name was batted around social media I was classically unaware.

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Can we impose standards of long ago Bible time to present situations? Isn’t that done quite frequently by the church? Isn’t it about time the church sets standards that are higher, yes higher, than many of those common during Bible times? Many are ignored as passe, while others are not. How are such decisions made and should the church make them for everyone?


chasity is not simple a woman’s issue, it is explicitly a man’s issue as well. From the beginning man was easily tempted. Yet the entire media presents women as provocators. Then condemns the fool who takes the implicit invitation as open for all women. The female breast is no longer an object of motherhood but of sexual exploitation. Seems most men of power seek to emulate King David and his sons. Fatherhood is a great blessing and a great challenge. I have the privilege of praying over three generation. Lord be merciful to me and my issue. Amen. tZ

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Most people have some sort of religion, at least they know which church they’re staying away from.


" But I feel that’s overly simplistic.“
That is not a very convincing argument. Of course these things were always wrong.
” Does that mean all those people were evil? Can we impose present standards on historical situations?"
Yes these people were evil just like we all are evil. We don’t exactly impose present standards on historical situations, but God imposes his standard on every human being. His standard never changes. Our understanding of his standard might grow. And he might not blame us for wrongdoing we did unknowingly. But the fact that rape is wrong never changes.