Yale's Nancy Berlinger Presents LLU Lecture on Healer Harm

Video Sabbath School commentary for discussion on August 21, 2021

Credit where it’s due, the Adult Bible Study Guide for this week asks important questions about health, care, and failure. How do we keep faith when the human or divine healer seems impotent? It states: "As we explore the topic of rest from pain and suffering, we also will contemplate the question that all of us, at some point or another in our Christian walk, have experienced. What happens when our prayers for healing aren’t answered? How do we find rest then?”

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Thankyou Nancy for this most excellent study on forgiveness. Yet it is from a human life experience perspective which, apparently regardless of the culture, it is bound to a legalistic framework. Is it not different in the relationship between God and us? God does not hold anyone accountable for what they do, say or think; He is forgiveness personified and defends our freedom to think and to do. Yes we should accept responsibility for our actions and hopefully grow from them. The truth will prevail and show it so that even in the end we confront the natural consequences of our growth and changed behavior or lack thereof!

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