Yes, Politics Is for Everyone

Community organizer Samuel Sukaton talks about knocking on doors, electing people who can help us live more abundant lives, and geeking out over numbers. 

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The biggest thing California could do for your #1 issue is increase your highway capacity. The southern half of California is a huge parking lot multiple times a day.
In typical California fashion they make the emission standards a huge issue yet the concept of all those cars just stuck on the freeway polluting for hours when they could be off the road and arrived where they are going is too adult a puzzle for them.
The other thing is water and the aquifer. Here is a tip. Why don’t you try not being scared of water? I mean half your streams and rivers are concrete lined as if you cant wait to get rid of the stuff and send it to the ocean. Here is a suggestion from the rest of the US. Try letting the water actually go into the soil. It refills the aquifer and lakes etc and you can actually have people get back to farming.

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it’s too bad these conversations can’t take place without the baggage party affiliation brings…strictly speaking, both republicans and democrats - conservatives and liberals up here in canada - have good ideas and have made useful contributions over the yrs…but you wouldn’t know that from listen to either party line…i think people have gotten to a point where they’ve acquired a need to feel like they’re in this heroic war against the universe, and that group victory at the polls means their lives have now fulfilled some grand destiny…it’s possibly a throwback to bible culture, where wars of annihilation solved itinerant problems, and it certainly mirrors the cathartic function that professional team sports performs in our society…the founders of representative democracy probably did believe, without evidence, that power in the hands of ordinary people would lead to civil discourse, the wisest, most carefully considered solutions and freedom from the arbitrary oppression and excesses that royalty had established…perhaps they didn’t bank on the fact that everyone’s fallen human nature, regardless of education, wealth, or social status, can only slosh up what’s innate, regardless of best intentions…

i really would love to believe that the excesses we saw in this past american election cycle, particularly, are anomalous…but now, in the conservative leadership race currently happening in canada, at least two candidates seem to be borrowing pages from the candidacy of trump, and some of europe’s elections are also featuring trump wannabes…it’s just getting to the point now where elections are bringing out the worst in people…we can’t seem to achieve a plateau where any political party’s main focus isn’t crushing the opposition through any means available…

At one time in my younger days I was quite politically active. As a lumberjack I saw first hand the extremism of the Sierra Club. When I lived on the northern California coast, before moving inland in 1994, I was represented in congress by a moderate democrat who didn’t like the Sierra Club either. The Left has completely taken over the democrat party in California. The republicans have moved to the Right, hold no statewide offices, and are outnumbered over 2 to 1 in legislative and congressional seats. There are no moderates left in partisan offices. California regulates and taxes everything. I’m glad I moved to Idaho 3 months ago.


I very much agree with the idea of non partisan - ship, but that “ship” may have already sailed! Such extreme language, particularly on the Republican side, which has cast off the anchor to facts in a major way. Meanwhile, the Dems are self righteous and unable to see the moral slackness in much of their agenda. So it looks like we will be caught in an unending stalemate.

I chuckled at the above comment about Cal’s “dire need” for yet more highway pavement - pretty short sighted. That’s one place Sierra Club is actually syncing with the new president - more and better public transportation and rail service…I hope. So, Samuel, keep up the good work, and the wonderful door to door. I prefer it myself, both for politics and for the work of the Lord. Praise God AND cherish His magnificent creation.