Yes, Spectrum Is on TikTok! Looking Back on the First 6 Months

For me, tea is a symbol of togetherness. It is a way to share both a delicious drink and stories. It was the reason why I was so excited to become part of the team behind the @Adventist_Tea TikTok page, where we share funny stories as well as important news over a cup of tea.

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Any concerns about its Chinese ownership and/or manipulation of information about social and political events? Just asking.

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Right, TikTok is the Chinese count down to the demise of Western Culture. In more ways than one.:cn:

Just a small voice crying out in the woke wilderness.

As an adjective woke was first recorded in African American usage in the late 19th century, meaning ‘awake, not asleep’. The contemporary meaning arose in the US during the 1960s, with the idea of being well informed and aware of what was going on in society. In the 21st century woke was popularized by association with the Black Lives Matter movement and by the lyrics of the 2008 song “Master Teacher” by Erykah Badu, in which the words “I stay woke” serve as a refrain. More recently the word has been used in a more derogatory way, by people who oppose progressive reforms or feel that their advocates are unrealistic or interfering.
By 2020, members of the political center and right wing in several Western countries were using the term woke , often in an ironic way, as an insult for various progressive or leftist movements and ideologies perceived as overzealous, performative, or insincere. In turn, some commentators came to consider it an offensive term with negative associations to those who promote political ideas involving identity and race.

So the question is…what are poster trying to say when they use the word ‘woke’?

This poster is using it to point out that the “awake” are ironically ignorant and fast asleep. Whatever “woke” meant in the past, it has evolved to label those “in the know” - you know, like the “in crowd” back in high school, and has carried into the larger social order of the day - jocks - nerds - out casts - and now the “woke”.

It’s funny! :sweat_smile: I want to see a skit where an outsider sits down at an Adventist potluck. :plate_with_cutlery::astonished:

great idea…this is the right concept…anyone can be an evangelist…they just have to pick the venue they’re familiar with, and at home in…

Adventism, like the rest of ideologically driven agendas, has no peripheral vision; and this is called tunnel vision. Like the toddler who runs into the middle of the road to retrieve a ball - never see the dump truck coming.

Tik Tok has two versions - one for the western world, and the other for the home town population. Check it out - the FCC is.


perhaps the toddler has already calculated that the driver of the dump truck has seen him, from previous experience…from what i’m seeing in this article, the object isn’t so much persuasion as sharing, and re-living past experiences - or perhaps familiarizing the ins and outs of adventism to former and non-adventists in a public setting…

i actually have nothing to do with tik tok, facebook, twitter or anything in social media, except for Spectrum, of course… :wink: …i’m hearing that tik tok is gathering data for the Chinese to copy and steal even more technology than they have in the past…GOP and Independent senators sound quite alarmed, actually…

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Not only that, as bad as that is, the exported version is filled with violence and sexuality, while the “at home” version has kids bringing flowers, bowing, and curtsying to their teachers, making all the mayhem here seem normal.

i’ve always been suspicious of Facebook and Twitter…now with Elon Musk in the picture, i’m even more suspicious…

Never been either. Getting in trouble here is all I can handle. :woozy_face:

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It’s definitely something to be mindful of and it’s a topic we’ll continue to monitor. That said, all of the major social media platforms have had their own issues regarding user data and manipulated information, and using social media at all requires some navigation of those waters. For those reasons, we’re also continuing to focus on improving our content delivery through the main Spectrum website so that people can have a rich experience without social media.

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