Young Adventist Voices: Election Day in the USA

In an experimental series for Spectrum Media, Alexander Carpenter has produced a series of videos titled Young Adventists Speak.

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Proverbs 29:2 (KJV) When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
Looks like Trump will win…separation of church and state!
Clinton was wicked!

If you think a Trump presidency will preserve the separation of church and state. You are seriously misled.


So Mr. Trump is righteous…

Well, congratulations, America. But, please, let no one complain of the consequences or say “Oh, we didn’t know - Trump was racist, was a misogynist (some would call him a connoisseur, apparently), a tax dodger, a geopolitically ignorant person (Belgium is a beautiful city), a profiteer (at cost of others).”

His reverence of Putin and Kim Jong-un should give you a taste of the leadership style. His absent political experience - might do exactly what?

Okay - election campaign rhethoric over … Mr. Trump has quite a challenge ahead of him. Good luck, world.


America, you have the president you deserve, in more ways than one.

It’s interesting that the “gay states” (west coast) voted Hillary and the rich business states (New York and the north-east) voted Hillary, and the rest of America pretty much voted for Trump. Perhaps it shows you where the population really is on LGBTIQ+ issues.

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Medical Marijuana voting seems to have done quite well.
Maybe Trump in 2017 will change the Federal Gvt laws to allow Medical Marijuana in all 50 states and territories.
Pago – voting for Hillary had nothing to do with “gay issues”. She promised a lot FREEBIES. And that is why people voted for her.
Donald Trump only promised – Making America Great Again with lots of Work. NO FREEBIES.
Working people pay Taxes. Corporations do NOT. They pass on the cost of doing business in the price of products sold. So the Consumer [purchaser] actually pays any taxes and government fees for them. The more people working the more money for local, state, Federal tax collections.
The more people working, the fewer require rent subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid, other government check payments.
Actually the American Life Style contributes to so much of the medical problems in the US hospitals.
If the SDA church REALLY wanted to be of Value to the American community, EVERY church group would be a place for Health Education 52 weeks a year. EVERY SDA church group would be a place for Healing. THE HEALING CHURCH – Body, Mind, Spirit.
EVERY SDA church group working in concert North American wide, could assist with greatly reducing the incidences of preventable health issues which are life-style originated.

I believe that it is a backlash from the liberality/corruption/nepotism/“take back America” crowd.

We shall see what will happen next since both the established Republicans and Democrats hate Trump…but both will try to push their respective agendas forward irregardless of who is president. If things in the next few years don’t improve typical American’s lives then politics will swing the other way eventually.

I am Libertarian and I knew that both presidential candidates were awful but one of them was going to win. We will have to survive either one of them for the next 4 years. It will be a mixed bag for sure.

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I totally agree, Kim. There were no good choices. I feel less and less connected to the political issues. I think it’s because “the people” have so little to say about it anymore. The “powers that shouldn’t be”, whoever they really are, pull the strings. I think we have the illusion of effecting what happens, but I don’t think we really do anymore.


having just watched hillary’s concession speech, i have to say that i respect her now even more than i respected her before…in many ways, her methodist vision of public service is the perfect metaphor for how i view my adventist christian service: there is joy and fulfillment in doing the right thing for its own sake, and when you suffer a setback, you just get up, dust yourself off, and keep on going, nothing daunted…


Too many Adventists seem to think that separation of church and state is dependent on a particular party being in power. That is not the picture presented in Great Controversy. Popular demand will determine when the demise of church state separation occurs, and it won’t matter who controls Congress or the White House.

Just as so many Adventists falsely assumed that JFK would bring in a Sunday law because he was Catholic, so the assumption that Trump will preserve separation of church and state is just that; an assumption, and more dependent on events out of his control than on any ideology that he may espouse…


Trump had a majority of the Evangelicals and they are the group who wants to wed church and state.


Curious. Is there some type of evidence that Evangelicals want to do that?


Or that that was not the defining issue of the election more likely.

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Congrats to Rabbi Glazerson. He called the election winner right based on what he says is his study of matrices in Deuteronomy and Numbers .Quantum mechanics is involved in these codes and therefore these data were encoded by God The Rabbi is of course not a Christian. Christians relied on the " polls " These calculations have to be done with the HEBREW text, not KJV. Trump is a mixed bag as a character. He appears racist yet his first wife kept up a fairly long-standing affair with a black boxer, it has been reported. Trump divorced her but though he must have been bitter, I heard no racist slurs from him at the time. He, however, developed the habit of partying with porn stars (as a form of salvaging his “manly” reputation??) and accordingly also the misogynistic “locker room” talk which one can well imagine is the lingua franca as it were, of such gatherings. What is important however is whether, as some are speculating , a Trump presidency will result in loss of religious freedom(eg Sunday Law). I cannot see that happening in modern day America.Such a trampling of civil rights would engender tremendous blowback from the body politic led b y Adventists and Jews and their supporters. What Trump can, and probably will do is confront N/KOREA and respond accordingly if kim threatens to launch against America.In this sense Trump is the man of the hour. I don’t see him backing down when faced with the Asian threat (China/ N>Korea)and so the so-called “Armageddon” though a tiny nondescript location,. may be a reality in terms of WW3.As for Trump sponsored racism I don’t think that is likely. After all the man has a large ego and therefore wants his Presidency to succeed. He can’t afford to have race riots blazing all over the country with tremendous loss of both black and white lives. What blacks can now do is abandon the gang culture as a means of livelihood and FLOOD the Colleges and universities thereby ensuring their preeminence in the professions and thereby gain new respect from whites, even though racism will raise its ugly head from time to time.


They want to incorporate their positions on homosexuality, women’s reproductive rights, LBGT, and their morals into law. Both Trump and Pence want to outlaw all abortion make it a crime.

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The way Evangelicals and Christians voted for Trump - turning a blind eye to his bigotry, sexism and insults - reminds me of another religious group 2000 years ago who cried ‘give us Barabbas’.


Based on the world wide shift to the right politically I predicted some months ago that Trump would as the strong man in a climate of fear win the election as outlined in this article and the political research cited I was initially of the same opinion as you that Trump was all those things you suggest but I have changed my mind.

During a 2 week visit to Washington I have watched the dying days of Trump vs Clinton expecting a Trump victory and fearing for the future of Western civilization but after Trump’s acceptance speech I think there is little to fear as none of it is real. It is about a TV personality playing a demogogue. It was all theatre. It remains unclear how many really believe that the mythical border wall will happen, that despite manufacturing automation the rust belt will abound with jobs, that China and the rest of the world do not matter, that the US will have the purest air and water and reopen the coal mines in PA, that there will be a phenomenal urban and infrastructural renewal and a 20% tax cut, that repealing Obamacare will allow the poor succour in the bosom of the free market with the spiking share prices for big pharma, that there will be greatest build-up of military capability ever and naval ship building will return to the Portsmouth on the eastern Seaboard.

Maybe college educated supporters actually knew that they were voting for theatric performance not reality. Early indicators were vanquished opponents like Ben Carson talking of a real Trump behind the campaigning persona, but his success has defined theatre as the process of politics in the US for the future. Hopefully such cynicism about the process of politics doesnt extend to Australia and that parties like One Nation will remain a fringe minority.

No doubt there will be deals and things will get done but I would wager that 4 years from now the Trump empire will have increased in value by an order or magnitude on the backs of those who believe that “there is no-one who respects woman, (and Obama, and Clinton) more than I”. He was lying then or he is lying now. The only explanation available is as he admits; it was theatre.

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Good luck to anyone trying to analyze Trump’s behaviour. Whether or not what you suggest is true, Trumps ‘theatrics’ have revitalized the extreme right and closet racists in the US who are now emboldened as demonstrated by the increase in hate commentary in public and in the social media. Even young children are chanting slogans coined at Trump rallies in their schools to antagonize their visible minority classmates. Let’s hope that future presidential candidates consider the potential long term divisive consequences of theatrical politics before they step into their characters roles.

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