Young Adventists Speak: Pacific Union College Students Discuss the U.S. Election

Continuing our Young Adventists Speak series Pacific Union College students discuss the US election, who they are voting for, and what issues matter to them. Directed and edited by Ben Josse. Thanks to faculty members Rajeev Sigamoney and Tim de la Torre.

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It is interesting how Youth is appealed to candidates in a different way from others who have had to live and work, and support themselves and their families.
They are drawn by the mannerisms, less by the issues they are interested in addressing.

WELL NOW!!! a prominent Israeli Rabbi has made a prediction I just saw. He predicts a TRUMP victory, using BIBLE passages in the TANAK, he says.According to him Trump’s name appears thousands of times in the Bible I don’t believe a word of his findings at all. BUT if he is right , I shall study his methods with diligence and due respect. I know Bill Clinton, Hitler, Shakespeare and many others’ names are in the Tanak, but I’ve never heard about Trump being there.Tuesday night I expect to be able to “diss”(disrespect) at least one Rabbi. Just for fun, watch this closely, PUC students

Fact is more Adventists are leaning left/socialist. Just search the Pew Poll on U.S. religious groups and their political leanings.

Young people are often very idealistic, and have not yet had to deal with real life, so they are more jellylike to be swayed by the rhetoric. After one has seen many election cycles (I can remember 15 now), it’s easier to become cynical. The same rhetoric, or variations thereof, is repeated every 4 years, and people tend to forget that it’s the same old thing, and that many of these candidates will way whatever they need to get elected, no matter how factual it may or may not be.

Adventists should know better than to take sides in these political debates. We have pointed counsel about staying out of politics. If one keeps Daniel 2 in mind, it is easier to sleep well at night. :slight_smile:

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Appealing to the basic instincts of fallen man may win a high office, but it is a failure to make a nation great. The party of Lincoln has become the party of Jim Crow. Tom Zwemer

SdA’s because of our unique eschatological views, have little truck with US evangelical Protestantism, and little affinity with the pro-Israel, anti-abortion, pro-US-military, anti-Islam rhetoric of the religious right. As an international world-wide church we don’t identify with those churches that are more American than Christian and who worship the Flag more than He who died on the Cross. I lean right politically and economically, but if I were a US citizen I’d been in the Democratic camp.

That makes sense. The Democratic party is a slightly right of center party in most parts of the world. It’s only in the US that it is considered left.