Young Adventists Speak: Walla Walla University Students on the U.S. Election

Continuing our Young Adventists Speak series, here's the first (of two) student-created reports from a college campus. Thanks to the work of Spencer Sherwin and Gabrielle Piry with faculty Jerry Hartman, here are nine Walla Walla University students sharing their brief views on the U.S. presidential election, for whom they are voting, and what issues matter to them.

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they are acutely aware that the process does not bring the cream to the top. tZ

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Either way we are doomed, whichever one wins. I would never vote for Hillary, and I can’t bring myself to vote for Trump.


As opposed to Hillary? Are you kidding? What is your news and info source?

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What are the current Adventist prophets/prophetesses now saying about the likely future of America and the world after 8/11. Do we now have any such trance mediums now recognised by the SDA church to give time-sensitive information as in the days of the GREAT EGW? I have been trying to access what is out there , but the most I have come up with via rerports of Time Travellers is that America will still exist and still be even more prosperous by the middle of this current millennium BUT the population then is about 15 million. Which I take to mean that WW3 and/or WW4 will have occurred Some buildings will be nearly 200 stories tall. Remember Einstein refused to assist the Government in 1943 when it was experimenting with time travel to make warships “invisible” to German radar. He said earth scientists did not know enough about this trechnology and that it would end in disaster, which it did. The Government had enlisted the aid of ET’s from the Zeta Reticulum system. That also was a mistake.

I am a Seventh Day Adventist and I am with Hillary. As a Christian I could never vote for Trump, an individual who mocks the handicapped, assaults women, doesn’t pay taxes. is a blatant racist… are you kidding? Even the Mormons, which have always voted Republican are coming out against him.